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Johnny Osbourne and The Sensations - Come Back Darling

Johnny Osbourne and The Sensations - Come Back Darling

Johnny Osbourne and The Sensations - Come Back Darling

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Released in January 2007


Artist/Band: Johnny Osbourne and The Sensations
Album name: Come Back Darling

Double CD.
CD 1 from 1 to 31 and CD2 from 32 to 61.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Johnny OsbourneCome back darling
2Johnny OsbourneFish mouth
3Johnny OrganScarface
4Johnny OsbournePower and the glory
5Johnny OsbourneOne day (you'll need my kiss)
6Tommy McCook & Carl BryanRed sunset (feat. carl bryan)
7Johnny OsbourneWarrior
8Johnny OsbourneIf it's not love
9Tommy McCook & Carl BryanDon juan (feat. carl bryan)
10Johnny OsbourneFoolish plan
11Johnny OsbourneSee and blind
12Johnny OrganBewitched
13Johnny OrganPork chops
14Pat KellyYou're my everything
15Winston FrancisFind yourself a fool
16Boris GardinerEl dora
17Boris GardinerIf it's not true
18Pat KellyMan of my word
19Johnny OrganSomething tender
20Pat KellyWhat am i to do
21Pat KellyTime has come
22Techniques (the)Reason why
23Boris GardinerHi there
24Techniques (the)Baby don't say goodbye
25Sensations (the)Just one smile
26Sensations (the)Work song
27Shades (the)Everywhere everyone
28Shades (the)Let me remind you
29Carl BryanHot shot
30Shades (the)Never gonna give you up
31Shades (the)I'll always love you
32Shades (the)Who you gonna run to
33Johnny OrganMemories of love
34Baha DiceWanted
35Shades (the)I know a girl
36Sensations (the)Where were you (when the lights went out)
37Carl BryanSweet soul special
38Carl BryanWatch this music
39Sensations (the)Silhouettes
40Mad Lads (the)I Never Knew
41Mad Lads (the)Mother Nature
42Winston WrightCrazy rhythm
43Mad Lads (the)So Afraid (of Love)
44Carl BryanDyabilic
45Carl BryanInstrumental
46Sensations (the)War boats (are sailing)
47Sensations (the)Mr. blue
48Johnny OrganLonely place
49Techniques (the)Little bit of something
50Techniques (the)I specialise in good girls
51Sensations (the)I don't know why i love you
52Coons (the)Peep in a pot fire
53Coons (the)Think you're smart
54Coons (the)You'll get left
55Alton EllisSoul groover
56Ansel CollinsBad one
57Ansel CollinsPoint blank
58Alton EllisI'll be waiting
59Winston WrightTop secret
60Alton EllisIt's your thing
61TrammyHorns of paradise


Trojan CD January,  2007


Johnny Osbourne

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Sensations (the)

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