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Techniques (the) - Queen Majesty

Techniques (the) - Queen Majesty

Techniques (the) - Queen Majesty

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Released in June 2007

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Techniques (the)
Album name: Queen Majesty

The Best Of The Techniques - 1965 - 1974.
Double CD


N. Artist(s) Title
1Techniques (the)Don't Leave Me
2Techniques (the)Telling Me Lies
3Techniques (the)You Don't Know
4Techniques (the)When You Are Wrong
5Techniques (the)I Am In Love
6Techniques (the)I Love You
7Techniques (the)Heartaches
8Techniques (the)What Love Can Do
9Techniques (the)Little Did You Know
10Techniques (the)No One
11Techniques (the)Remember I Told You
12Techniques (the)I'm So In Love With You
13Techniques (the)A Place Called Love
14Techniques (the)I Can't Love Another
15Techniques (the)My Whole Life Depends On You
16Techniques (the)What'cha Gonna Do
17Techniques (the)You Don't Care
18Techniques (the)Queen Majesty
19Techniques (the)Out Of Many One
20Techniques (the)Oh Babe
21Techniques (the)Day O
22Techniques (the)Drink More Wine
23Techniques (the)Bad Minded People
24Techniques (the)Love Is Not A Gamble
25Techniques (the)Travelling Man
26Techniques (the)My Girl
27Techniques (the)It's You I Love
28Techniques (the)I Wish It Would Rain
29Techniques (the)Run Come Celebrate
30Techniques (the)I'm In The Mood For Love
31Techniques (the)There Comes A Time
32Techniques (the) & Pat KellyMan Of My Word (feat. Pat Kelly)
33Techniques (the) & Pat KellyThe Time Has Come (feat. Pat Kelly)
34Techniques (the)You're My Everything
35Techniques (the) & Pat KellyWhat Am I To Do (feat. Pat Kelly)
36Techniques (the)The Reason Why
37Techniques (the)Baby Don't Say Goodbye
38Techniques (the)I Feel Alive
39Techniques (the)The Heart Of A Man
40Techniques (the)Love Love Love
41Techniques (the)A Little Bit Of Something
42Techniques (the)I Specialise In Good Girls
43Techniques (the) & Dave BarkerLonely Man (feat. Dave Barker)
44Techniques (the)Your Love's A Game
45Techniques (the)You Ain't Got A Heart At All
46Techniques (the)Lonely Lonely Man Am I
47Techniques (the) & Dave BarkerMy Best Girl (feat. Dave Barker)
48Techniques (the)Travelling Man
49Techniques (the)It's Summer
50Techniques (the)Free To Go
51Techniques (the)Since I Lost You
52Techniques (the)I'll Be Right There
53Techniques (the)World Without Love
54Techniques (the)What's It All About
55Techniques (the)That's The Way Love Is
56Techniques (the)I Still Love You
57Techniques (the)The Best Time Of My Love


Trojan CD June,  2007

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  • Techniques (the) - Queen MajestyTechniques (the) - Queen Majesty


Techniques (the)

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