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BB Seaton - After All This Time

BB Seaton - After All This Time

BB Seaton - After All This Time

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Released in August 2007

Genre: Compilation / Best of


 BB Seaton - No More Tribalism

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Artist/Band: BB Seaton
Album name: After All This Time

The Anthology 1972 - 1989.
Double CD


N. Artist(s) Title
1BB SeatonJoy In The Morning
2BB SeatonBorn Free
3BB SeatonDon't Let Love Pass You By
4BB SeatonJust A Little More Time
5BB SeatonThink Like Between Love And Hate
6BB SeatonI'm Aware Of Love
7BB SeatonNo Good Girl /My Love
8BB SeatonMy Jamaican Girl
9BB SeatonGod Bless Our Love
10BB SeatonCan't Hide The Feeling
11BB SeatonAll The Best
12BB SeatonMiss My School Days
13BB SeatonSweet Caroline
14BB SeatonThinking About You
15BB SeatonLover's Quarell
16BB SeatonThe Morning Sun
17BB SeatonYou Should Never Do That
18BB SeatonHard To Confess
19BB SeatonAccept My Apology
20BB SeatonYou Can't Get Away
21BB SeatonLady With The Red Dress
22BB SeatonAbc Reggae
23BB SeatonLean On Me
24BB SeatonGimmie Little Love
25BB SeatonI Feel Lost
26BB SeatonFreedom Fighters
27BB SeatonAfter All This Time
28BB SeatonInternational Race
29BB SeatonMama's Advise
30BB SeatonOne Thing Leads To Another
31BB SeatonMy People Hold On
32BB SeatonBrothers Beware
33BB SeatonForgive Them Lord
34BB SeatonWasn't It Made For Us All
35BB SeatonColor Is Not The Answer
36BB SeatonRainbow Love
37BB SeatonNo More Tribalism
38BB SeatonJah Help Those Who Help Themselves
39BB SeatonThere's A Fire
40BB SeatonAre We Loosing
41BB SeatonHaven't I The Right
42BB SeatonI Want Justice
43BB SeatonIs Life
44BB SeatonEverybody Loves A Winner
45BB SeatonYou've Got To Be Natural
46BB SeatonWhere Did It Start (When Will It End)
47BB SeatonSomeday I Will Be Free
48BB SeatonHold On To Your Culture


Soul Beat records CD August,  2007

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BB Seaton

BB Seaton photo

Musician, Producer, Singer

Harris Lloyd Seaton

Born in 1944

Member of: The Gaylads

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