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Danny I - Unchangeable

Danny I - Unchangeable

Danny I - Unchangeable

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Released in November 2007


N. Artist(s) Title
1Danny IIn Order to Live Up
2Danny IBow Dem Face
3Danny IUnchangeable
4Danny I & NiyorahOld Time Something (feat. NiyoRah)
5Danny IDriving Force
6Danny IIn This Jungle
7Danny IRedda Fyah
8Danny IGone Away
9Danny ISee Dem a Come
10Danny IPay in Full
11Danny ISeek Zion
12Danny I & New Jerusalem (feat. Vaughn Benjamin)
13Danny IBow to the Scepter
14Danny IWeak at the Foundation
15Danny IRecuerdo De Ayer
16Danny IGrateful for Life


I Grade Records CD November,  2007

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Unchangeable by Danny I
By Johana Miller on 27 Nov 2007 - 9749 views
The singer native from St Croix, V.I just released his second album on the same vein as the debut...

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  • Danny I - UnchangeableDanny I - Unchangeable
  • Danny I - To Your MajestyDanny I - To Your Majesty


Danny I

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Luis Daniel Gomez

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