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Freddie McGregor - Reggae Legends

Freddie McGregor - Reggae Legends

Freddie McGregor - Reggae Legends

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Released in August 2008

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Freddie McGregor
Album name: Reggae Legends

Reissue of 4 albums of Freddie McGregor.

Disc 1 - Hard To Get (1993)
Disc 2 - Rumours (1997)
Disc 3 - Anything For You (2002)
Disc 4 - Carry Go Bring Come (1993)


N. Artist(s) Title
1Freddie McGregorPlaying Hard To Get (Soul-Jam Mix)
2Freddie McGregorUntouchables
3Freddie McGregorNot Passing Through
4Freddie McGregorThere You Go Again
5Freddie McGregorMountain Breezes
6Freddie McGregorPlaying Hard To Get (Bogle Lick)
7Freddie McGregorCool Down Your Temper
8Freddie McGregorMy Lips Are Sealed
9Freddie McGregorPush Push Push
10Freddie McGregorMidnight Lover
11Freddie McGregorPassion At Large
12Freddie McGregorPlaying Hard To Get (Original Mix)
13Freddie McGregorTin Soldier
14Freddie McGregorShe's Gone
15Freddie McGregorRumours
16Freddie McGregorGraveyard In Africa
17Freddie McGregorWant More Loving
18Freddie McGregorStay With Me Tonight
19Freddie McGregorWoke Up Smiling
20Freddie McGregorIf You're The One
21Freddie McGregorIf I Should Fall In Love
22Freddie McGregorCome On Over
23Freddie McGregorWho Is He
24Freddie McGregorStolen Legacy
25Freddie McGregorMix Up And Blenda
26Freddie McGregorBeautiful Woman
27Freddie McGregorSaying Goodbye
28Freddie McGregorLoving Jah
29Freddie McGregorUncle Sam
30Freddie McGregorFor You
31Freddie McGregorGatepass To Your Heart
32Freddie McGregorOh Ah La La
33Freddie McGregorPrayer For Two
34Freddie McGregorThere Is A Reward For Me
35Freddie McGregorCover For Me
36Freddie McGregorSweet African Princess
37Freddie McGregorHold Me
38Freddie McGregorEnough Love In Me
39Freddie McGregorI'll Do Anything
40Freddie McGregorIf You Want Me
41Freddie McGregorIn The Ghetto
42Freddie McGregorGet It On
43Freddie McGregorPrayer
44Freddie McGregorThis Carry Go Bring Come (Chatty Chatty Mouth)
45Freddie McGregorWant You To Be There
46Freddie McGregorNight Nurse
47Freddie McGregorThey Are Waiting
48Freddie McGregorDissing The Programme
49Freddie McGregorOne More Time
50Freddie McGregorLand Of The Rising Sun
51Freddie McGregorI Want Love
52Freddie McGregorGhetto Street
53Freddie McGregorIt's So Hard
54Freddie McGregorDay And Night
55Freddie McGregorIn The Heat Of The Night
56Freddie McGregorCarry Go Bring Come


17 North Parade (VP records) CD August,  2008

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Freddie McGregor

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