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Half Pint - Essential Roots Anthology

Half Pint - Essential Roots Anthology

Half Pint - Essential Roots Anthology

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Released in October 2008

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Half Pint
Album name: Essential Roots Anthology

Double CD compilation


N. Artist(s) Title
1Half PintGreetings
2Half PintPouche Lou
3Half PintWinsome
4Half PintDon't Close the Door
5Half PintLoving
6Half PintOfficer
7Half PintGreat Stone
8Half PintShe's Gone
9Half PintVictory
10Half PintGimme Some Loving
11Half PintMary Longtongue
12Half PintIf I Had a Hammer
13Half PintPick Your Choice
14Half PintCrazy Girl
15Half PintSally
16Half PintMr.Landlord
17Half PintSubstitute Lover
18Half PintLevel the Vibes
19Half PintPolitical Fiction
20Half PintToo Late
21Half PintOne Big Family
22Half PintToo Rude
23Half PintLegal We Legal
24Half PintPass It On
25Half PintCloser To You
26Half PintFever
27Half PintCost of Living
28Half PintTell Me
29Half PintOne In a Million
30Half PintUnity
31Half PintNever Let Go
32Half PintNo Stress Express


Essential Media Group CD October,  2008

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  • Half Pint - GreetingsHalf Pint - Greetings
  • Half Pint - Essential Roots AnthologyHalf Pint - Essential Roots Anthology


Half Pint

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