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Mighty Diamonds (the) - Reggae Legends

Mighty Diamonds (the) - Reggae Legends

Mighty Diamonds (the) - Reggae Legends

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Released in October 2008

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Mighty Diamonds (the)
Album name: Reggae Legends

4 CD box set.
Reissue of 4 albums from The Mighty Diamonds released by Greensleeves and VP records.

Disc 1 - Real Enemy (1987)
Disc 2 - Get Ready (1988)
Disc 3 - Live In Europe (1997)
Disc 4 - Bust Out (1993)


N. Artist(s) Title
1Mighty Diamonds (the)The Real Enemy
2Mighty Diamonds (the)Gang War
3Mighty Diamonds (the)Playgirl
4Mighty Diamonds (the)Babylon Is Dangerous
5Mighty Diamonds (the)Dem A Worry
6Mighty Diamonds (the)Free Africa
7Mighty Diamonds (the)Right Feeling
8Mighty Diamonds (the)I Say No
9Mighty Diamonds (the)Mr. Botha
10Mighty Diamonds (the)Chant Down War
11Mighty Diamonds (the)Dread Out Deh
12Mighty Diamonds (the)Schoolmate
13Mighty Diamonds (the)Another Day Another Raid
14Mighty Diamonds (the)Tonight I'm Going To Take It Easy
15Mighty Diamonds (the)Idlers Corner
16Mighty Diamonds (the)Sensemilla
17Mighty Diamonds (the)Cannot Say You Didn't Know
18Mighty Diamonds (the)My Baby
19Mighty Diamonds (the)Get Ready
20Mighty Diamonds (the)Up Front
21Mighty Diamonds (the)Modeller
22Mighty Diamonds (the)Bad Boy Business
23Mighty Diamonds (the)Mr. Bodyguard (12" Mix)
24Mighty Diamonds (the)Party Time
25Mighty Diamonds (the)The Real Enemy
26Mighty Diamonds (the)Country Living
27Mighty Diamonds (the)I Don't Mind
28Mighty Diamonds (the)Mr. Botha
29Mighty Diamonds (the)Right Time
30Mighty Diamonds (the)Have Mercy
31Mighty Diamonds (the)Africa
32Mighty Diamonds (the)I Need A Roof
33Mighty Diamonds (the)Keep On Moving
34Mighty Diamonds (the)My Baby
35Mighty Diamonds (the)Heavy Load
36Mighty Diamonds (the)Putting On The Ritz
37Mighty Diamonds (the)Screechie Cross The Border
38Mighty Diamonds (the)Cool It
39Mighty Diamonds (the)Africans
40Mighty Diamonds (the)I Need A Roof
41Mighty Diamonds (the)Bogle
42Mighty Diamonds (the)Love Me Girl
43Mighty Diamonds (the)Hotter The Battle
44Mighty Diamonds (the)In De Dance Again
45Mighty Diamonds (the)Tell The Heathen
46Mighty Diamonds (the)Declaration Of Rights
47Mighty Diamonds (the)Came Saw & Conquered
48Mighty Diamonds (the)Fight Fire With Fire


17 North Parade (VP records) CD October,  2008

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Mighty Diamonds (the)

Mighty Diamonds (the) photo

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