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Linval Thompson - Ghetto Living

Linval Thompson - Ghetto Living

Linval Thompson - Ghetto Living

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Released in December 2008


N. Artist(s) Title
1Linval ThompsonNatty Africa
2Linval ThompsonGhetto Living
3Linval ThompsonHustling
4Linval ThompsonGovernment People
5Linval ThompsonFree Marijuana
6Linval ThompsonMarijuana Dub
7Linval ThompsonRoots Princess
8Linval ThompsonRoots Princess Dub
9Linval ThompsonNatural Beauty
10Linval ThompsonJah Jah Is My Father
11Linval ThompsonBad Friend
12Linval ThompsonAll Is Vanity
13Linval Thompson & Warrior KingBad Boy (feat. Warrior King)
14Linval ThompsonLove Brother Love
15Linval ThompsonEmpress
16Linval ThompsonHolla Dem A Holla Dem A Bawl


Thompson Sounds Digital release  2008
Thompson Sounds CD January,  2009

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Linval Thompson

Linval Thompson photo


Linval Spencer

Born in 1959

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