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Lutan Fyah - Africa

Lutan Fyah - Africa

Lutan Fyah - Africa

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Released in December 2008


Artist/Band: Lutan Fyah
Album name: Africa



N. Artist(s) Title
1Lutan FyahNever Once
2Lutan FyahRasta Set the Trend
3Lutan FyahWhat a Woe
4Lutan FyahEnd of Days
5Lutan FyahDe La Vega
6Lutan FyahSave the Juvenile
7Lutan FyahMek It So Hard
8Lutan FyahPretty Women
9Lutan FyahNo Matter What the Crisis
10Lutan FyahMove Out
11Lutan FyahA Dat Mi See
12Lutan FyahAfrica
13Lutan FyahMightier Than Them
14Lutan FyahSlowly But Surely
15Lutan FyahGun Thing
16Lutan FyahSeason Of Love
17Lutan FyahToo Much Suffering Kids
18Lutan FyahIs This the Way
19Lutan FyahBe Real
20Lutan FyahOuta Line
21Lutan FyahDem Still a Search
22Lutan FyahTrodding Alone
23Lutan FyahRising
24Lutan FyahShe's Got Soul
25Lutan FyahUp in Your Face
26Lutan FyahIt's All in You
27Lutan FyahWatch Over Me
28Lutan FyahI Love Everything About You
29Lutan FyahRed Alert
30Lutan FyahSet the Children Free


2B1 CD December,  2008

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  • Lutan Fyah - Never Surrender My FaithLutan Fyah - Never Surrender My Faith
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  • Turbulence and Lutan Fyah featuring Jessie Reds - Real Life StoriesTurbulence and Lutan Fyah featuring Jessie Reds - Real Life Stories
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  • Lutan Fyah - Music Never DiesLutan Fyah - Music Never Dies
  • Lutan Fyah - African Be ProudLutan Fyah - African Be Proud
  • Lutan Fyah - Real Love ShowcaseLutan Fyah - Real Love Showcase


Lutan Fyah

Lutan Fyah photo


Anthony Martin

Born in 1975

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