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Niominka Bi - Shalom Salam

Niominka Bi - Shalom Salam

Niominka Bi - Shalom Salam

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Released in December 2008


Artist/Band: Niominka Bi
Album name: Shalom Salam

Lead vocal : Souleyman Sarr (Niominka-Bi)
Bass : Moussa Diouf
Guitars : Alain Médina, Moussa Diouf
Drums : Cédric Clety, Ludovic N'Hollé
Keyboards : Julien Hau, Loïc Legoulven, Andy Othomfious, Moussa Diouf
Backing Vocals : Moussa Diouf, Alain Médina, Loïc Legoulven, Rose Ngom
Percussions : Fabrice Mimouni
Recorded and mixed by Jacques Hermet and Jerome Cotte at studio le Moulin, Toulouse, France & Studio Leggo King Tubby, Jamaica (4 last tracks)


N. Artist(s) Title
1Niominka BiShalom
2Niominka BiJoowal
3Niominka Bi & Fisherman (feat. The Congos)
4Niominka Bi & Afrique Jamaique (feat. Winston McAnuff)
5Niominka BiAkiboulane
6Niominka BiYaye
7Niominka BiSelassi
8Niominka BiAmine
9Niominka BiTchiyam O Sale
10Niominka BiAlhamdou
11Niominka BiOn court
12Niominka BiHappyness
13Niominka BiNdounsay
14Niominka BiUne Mere Me Dit


Makafresh CD December,  2008

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  • Niominka Bi - Shalom SalamNiominka Bi - Shalom Salam


Niominka Bi

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