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Shabba Ranks - Reggae Legends

Shabba Ranks - Reggae Legends

Shabba Ranks - Reggae Legends

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Released in January 2010

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Shabba Ranks
Album name: Reggae Legends

4 CD box set.
Reissue of 4 albums from Shabba Ranks released by Greensleeves and VP records.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Shabba RanksJust Reality
2Shabba RanksWeh Yu Get It From
3Shabba RanksGal Yuh Good
4Shabba RanksBack And Belly Rock
5Shabba RanksRoots And Culture
6Shabba RanksWicked Inna Bed
7Shabba RanksDem Bow
8Shabba RanksThe Rammer
9Shabba RanksCrab Louse A Go Round
10Shabba RanksMandela Free
11Shabba RanksAre You Sure
12Shabba RanksPay Down Pon It
13Shabba Ranks & Jc LodgeTelephant Love Deh Pon Mi Mind (feat. JC Lodge)
14Shabba Ranks & Just Be Good To Me (feat. Cocoa Tea and Revel Princess)
15Shabba Ranks & Steady Man (feat. Krystal)
16Shabba Ranks & Mr Lover Man (feat. Deborahe Glasgow)
17Shabba Ranks & Jc LodgeHardcore Loving (feat. JC Lodge)
18Shabba Ranks & Action Packed (feat. Revel Princess)
19Shabba Ranks & Twice My Age (feat. Krystal)
20Shabba Ranks & Don't Test Me (feat. Deborahe Glasgow)
21Shabba Ranks & Just Be Good To Me (feat. Revel Princess)
22Shabba RanksHardcore Loving
23Shabba Ranks & Looking For Action (feat. Revel Princess)
24Shabba RanksGolden Touch
25Shabba RanksMi Nuh Romp With It
26Shabba RanksLove Up Your Woman
27Shabba RanksBuild Bridges Instead
28Shabba RanksHouse Husband
29Shabba Ranks & Private Property (feat. Brian Gold and Tony Gold)
30Shabba RanksIf A Mi Youth
31Shabba Ranks & Digit It (feat. Little Twitch and Jah Thomas)
32Shabba RanksKill Mi Dead
33Shabba RanksWicked In Bed
34Shabba Ranks & Fever (feat. Maxi Priest and Dennis Brown)
35Shabba RanksLovable
36Shabba Ranks & Turn It Down (feat. Home T and Cocoa Tea)
37Shabba RanksA Nuh Me Seh So
38Shabba Ranks & Holding On (feat. Home T and Cocoa Tea)
39Shabba Ranks & Fanciness (feat. Fabiana)
40Shabba RanksNo Bother Dis Soundboy
41Shabba Ranks & Pirates' Anthem (feat. Home T and Cocoa Tea)
42Shabba RanksDeh Pon Mi Mind
43Shabba Ranks & Fancy Girl (feat. Fabiana)
44Shabba Ranks & Stop Spreading Rumours (feat. Home T and Cocoa Tea)


Greensleeves CD January,  2010

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Shabba Ranks

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