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Sugar Minott - Reggae Legends

Sugar Minott - Reggae Legends

Sugar Minott - Reggae Legends

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Released in January 2010


Artist/Band: Sugar Minott
Album name: Reggae Legends

4 CD box set.
Reissue of 4 albums of Sugar Minott released by Greensleeves and Power House.
This 4 albums were originally produced by George Phang in 1984 and 1985.

CD1 - BUY OFF THE BAR - 1984
CD2 - RYDIM - 1985


N. Artist(s) Title
1Sugar MinottBuy Off The Bar
2Sugar MinottCan't Cross The Border
3Sugar MinottFrontline
4Sugar MinottTwo Timer
5Sugar MinottStrictly Sensi
6Sugar MinottDread Upon Your Head
7Sugar MinottFeel The Rydim
8Sugar MinottMass Mi Mass
9Sugar MinottOld King Cole
10Sugar MinottNah Go To South America
11Sugar MinottJah Is On My Side
12Sugar MinottBubbling
13Sugar MinottIf I Didn't Love You
14Sugar MinottChatty Chatty Mouth
15Sugar MinottCan't Get Me Out
16Sugar MinottJah You Make Me Sing
17Sugar MinottIt's Happening
18Sugar MinottI'm No Slave
19Sugar MinottEase Up Mr Custom Man
20Sugar MinottTime Longer Than Rope
21Sugar MinottRockers Master
22Sugar MinottNah Follow No Fashion
23Sugar MinottA True
24Sugar MinottCell Block One
25Sugar MinottRoots Reggae Rock
26Sugar MinottGirls Are Skanking - Smart, Leroy
27Sugar MinottMaking A Failure - Smart, Leroy
28Sugar MinottGive Love A Try - Smart, Leroy
29Sugar MinottReggae Music - Smart, Leroy
30Sugar MinottLove Life - Smart, Leroy


Greensleeves CD January,  2010
Greensleeves Digital release January,  2010

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Sugar Minott

Sugar Minott photo


Lincoln Minott

Born in 1956

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