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Gentleman - Diversity

Gentleman - Diversity

Gentleman - Diversity

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Released in April 2010


Artist/Band: Gentleman
Album name: Diversity

Available in 4 versions:
CD with 19 Tracks
Deluxe version with 2CDs (28 Tracks)
Double LP with 24 Tracks
Limited Collectors Box  with 2CDs + 14x 7" + Poster and Photos.


N. Artist(s) Title
1GentlemanThe Reason
2GentlemanIna Time Like Now
3GentlemanLonely Days
5GentlemanIt No Pretty
6GentlemanI Got To Go
7GentlemanThe Finish Line
9Gentleman & Christopher MartinTo The Top (feat. Christopher Martin)
10GentlemanNo Time To Play
11GentlemanFast Forward
12GentlemanHold On Strong
13GentlemanMoment Of Truth
14Gentleman & Tempolution (feat. Red Roze)
15Gentleman & Tanya StephensAnother Melody (feat. Tanya Stephens)
16Gentleman & Help (feat. Million Stylez)
17Gentleman & Along The Way (feat. Patrice)
18Gentleman & Sugar MinottGood Old Days (feat. Sugar Minott)
19GentlemanEverlasting Love


Universal CD April,  2010

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