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Romain Virgo - Romain Virgo

Romain Virgo - Romain Virgo

Romain Virgo - Romain Virgo

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Released in June 2010


Artist/Band: Romain Virgo
Album name: Romain Virgo

Produced by Donovan Germain (Penthouse records) except tracks 6, 7, 8 and 13 by Viking Productions and track 10 by Shane Brown (Juke Boxx Productions).


N. Artist(s) Title
1Romain VirgoMi Can't Sleep
2Romain Virgo & EtanaWho Knows It Feels It (feat. Etana)
3Romain VirgoLove Doctor
4Romain VirgoTaking You Home
5Romain VirgoAs De Money Done
6Romain VirgoShould I Call Her
7Romain VirgoWanna Go Home (It's Raining)
8Romain VirgoWalking Out On You
9Romain VirgoDark Skinned Girl
10Romain VirgoLove Mi Life
11Romain VirgoCustomer Care
12Romain VirgoNo Money
13Romain VirgoMurderer
14Romain VirgoBe Careful
15Romain Virgo & I'm Doing Good (feat. Cameal Davis)


VP Records CD  2010

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Romain Virgo

Romain Virgo photo


Born in 1990

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