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Josey Wales - Reggae Legends

Josey Wales - Reggae Legends

Josey Wales - Reggae Legends

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Released in September 2010


Artist/Band: Josey Wales
Album name: Reggae Legends

Reissue of 4 Josey Wales albums originally released by VP Records and Greensleeves.
Disc 1 - The Outlaw
Disc 2 - No Way Better Than Yard
Disc 3 - Two Giants Clash (Yellowman Vs Josey Wales)
Disc 4 - Undercover Lover


N. Artist(s) Title
1Josey WalesIt A Fi Burn
2Josey WalesLove I Want
3Josey WalesCan't Put It On
4Josey WalesBeg You Come Home
5Josey WalesJam It Again
6Josey WalesLet Go Mi Hand
7Josey WalesNo Bother Tax Me
8Josey WalesStalk Of Sensimilia
9Josey WalesMusic Diseases
10Josey WalesAsking For Love
11Josey WalesIt Have Fe Sail
12Josey WalesThe World Is Like A Mirror
13Josey WalesYu Too Greedy
14Josey WalesEden A Try
15Josey WalesNo Way Better Than Yard
16Josey WalesDrug Abusing
17Josey WalesJah Jah Move
18Josey WalesMaxine
19Josey WalesYu Wrong De Send Come Call Me
20Josey WalesZion Home
21YellowmanSociety Party
22YellowmanStrictly Bubbling
23YellowmanMr Big Shot
24YellowmanKing Of The Crop
25YellowmanWrong Girl To Play With
26Josey WalesBobo Dread
27Josey WalesMi Have Fi Get You
28Josey WalesCure For The Fever
29Josey WalesJah A Mi Guiding Star
30Josey WalesSorry To Say
31Josey WalesUndercover Lover
32Josey WalesThrow Me Corn
33Josey WalesPon Street Again
34Josey WalesJose Ready
35Josey WalesNuffy Nuffy
36Josey WalesLove I Can Feel
37Josey WalesDon't Come Distress Me
38Josey WalesFreeze Who Goes
39Josey WalesCome Watch The Sound
40Josey WalesRocking Time


Greensleeves CD September,  2010

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Josey Wales

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