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Digitaldubs - #1

Digitaldubs - #1

Digitaldubs - #1

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Released in August 2011


N. Artist(s) Title
1DigitaldubsTranse Amazonico (Abrindo os Caminhos)
2Digitaldubs & Ranking JoeFyah Bun Dem
3DigitaldubsBandido de Gravata (feat. Dada Yute)
4DigitaldubsPirates Game (feat. Earl Sixteen)
5DigitaldubsKaliman Dreams
6DigitaldubsJah Me Guia I (feat. Jeru Banto)
7DigitaldubsWar and Crimes (feat. Dada Yute)
8DigitaldubsDub Echoes Theme
9DigitaldubsYour Love is Overdub (feat. Brinsley Forde)
10DigitaldubsLiga Legalize (feat. Jeru Banto)
11DigitaldubsUpbeat Vibes
12DigitaldubsSigue Tu Instinsto (feat. Tiano Bless)
13Digitaldubs & Ranking JoeJustice and Equalit


ROIR CD August,  2011
ROIR Digital release August,  2011
ROIR LP August,  2011

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Digitaldubs - #1
By Erik Magni on 13 Sep 2011 - 5243 views
Walking through the jungle with Digitaldubs.

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  • Digitaldubs - #1Digitaldubs - #1



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