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Dial M For Murder - In Dub Style

Dial M For Murder - In Dub Style

Dial M For Murder - In Dub Style

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Released in November 2011


Artist/Band: Dial M For Murder
Album name: In Dub Style

Produced by Phil Pratt.
Reissue. This album was recorded at Channel One around 1979/1980 with Sly and Robbie as the rhythm section, Rad Brian on guitar, Bobby Kalphat & Ansell Collins on keyboards and piano, Tommy McCook & Herman Marquis on horns.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Phil PrattDial-M-For Murder
2Phil PrattDanger UBX
3Phil PrattStinger
4Phil PrattBeware Of This Rass Dub
5Phil PrattChase A Crooked Shaddow
6Phil PrattDon't Watch My Size
7Phil PrattWalking Razor
8Phil PrattWonder Woman Dub
9Phil PrattBad Boy Dub
10Phil PrattJam Up
11Phil PrattNatty Culture
12Phil PrattWho Gets Your Dub
13Phil PrattDub Plenty
14Phil PrattDr Bash


Pressure Sounds CD November,  2011
Pressure Sounds LP November,  2011

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Dial M For Murder - In Dub Style
By Tomas Palermo on 05 Dec 2011 - 8859 views
No need to call the police, it's a musical murder them a charge for.

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  • Dial M For Murder - In Dub StyleDial M For Murder - In Dub Style


Phil Pratt

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