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Lucky Dube - Life and Times

Lucky Dube - Life and Times

Lucky Dube - Life and Times

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Released in February 2012

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Lucky Dube
Album name: Life and Times

Double disc.
Compilation of Lucky Dube songs.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Lucky DubeRastas Never Die
2Lucky DubeFresh Air
3Lucky DubeThink About The Children
4Lucky DubeSlave
5Lucky DubeI've Got You Babe
6Lucky DubeTogether As One
7Lucky DubeWar & Crime
8Lucky DubeHouse Of Exile
9Lucky DubeIt's Not Easy
10Lucky DubeVictims
11Lucky DubeLovers In A Dangerous Time
12Lucky DubeFeel Irie
13Lucky DubeGuns & Roses
14Lucky DubeThe Way It Is
15Lucky DubeMoney Money Money
16Lucky DubeRespect
17Lucky DubeKudala Ngikuncenga
18Lucky DubeLomuzi
19Lucky DubeYinilent' Oyifun a Kimi
20Lucky DubeAbathakathi
21Lucky DubeSondela
22Lucky DubeNgivika Izagila
23Lucky DubeAngeke Ngikukhohlwe
24Lucky DubeKwathula Umoya
25Lucky DubeNgikewthembe Na?
26Lucky DubeUmadakeni
27Lucky DubeAsibavumele
28Lucky DubeAmabhubesi
29Lucky DubeUngabomshay'umfazi
30Lucky DubeWelcome Baba
31Lucky DubeDifferent Colours
32Lucky DubeBack To My Roots
33Lucky DubePrisoner
34Lucky DubeRemember Me
35Lucky DubeTruth In The World


Metro Select CD February,  2012

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Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube photo


Born in 1964

Died in 2007

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