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Alpha Blondy - Live

Alpha Blondy - Live

Alpha Blondy - Live

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Released in April 2012


Artist/Band: Alpha Blondy
Album name: Live

3 CD.
Live in Paris in 1992 and 2000.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Alpha BlondyJah Houphouët
2Alpha BlondyPsaume 23
3Alpha BlondyJerusalem
4Alpha BlondyMasada
5Alpha BlondyPolitiki
6Alpha BlondyCocody Rock
7Alpha BlondyMultipartisme
8Alpha BlondyGod Is One
9Alpha BlondyDji
10Alpha BlondyCome Back Jesus
11Alpha BlondyBénédiction
12Alpha BlondyIntro
13Alpha BlondyNew Dawn
14Alpha BlondyHyprocrites
15Alpha BlondyJah Glory
16Alpha BlondyLa Queue Du Diable
17Alpha BlondyBlack Samouraï
18Alpha BlondySamala
19Alpha BlondySweet Fanta Diallo
20Alpha BlondyAssinie Mafia
21Alpha BlondyGuerre Civile
22Alpha BlondyLes Larmes De Thérèse
23Alpha BlondyPeace In Liberia
24Alpha BlondyLes Imbéciles
25Alpha BlondyUnité Nationale
26Alpha BlondyMedley : Afriki / Bintou / Idjidja / Samory / Rasta Poué
27Alpha BlondyHaridjinan
28Alpha BlondyJournalistes En Danger
29Alpha BlondyDounougnan
30Alpha BlondyTéré
31Alpha BlondyBrigadier Sabari

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Alpha Blondy

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