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Chezidek - Freedom Fighters

Chezidek - Freedom Fighters

Chezidek - Freedom Fighters

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Released in August 2013


Artist/Band: Chezidek
Album name: Freedom Fighters

Produced by One Drop Records and Andrew Bassie Campbell.
Horns and backup vocals recorded in Jamaica.
Produced, mixed and recorded in northern California.


N. Artist(s) Title
1ChezidekFreedom Fighters
2ChezidekEye Watas And Prayers (Live By The Gun)
3ChezidekChemical Free
4ChezidekDem A Dweet
5ChezidekNever Give Up
6ChezidekShine Your Light
7ChezidekBurn Out
8ChezidekGood Girl
9ChezidekMr President
10ChezidekJah Jah Tabernacle
11ChezidekFire Must Haffi Burn
12ChezidekLight Up Your Spliff
14ChezidekHead Get Swell
15ChezidekThanks And Praises


One Drop Records CD August,  2013
One Drop Records Digital release August,  2013

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Chezidek photo


Desbert Johnson

Born in 1973

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