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Dub Syndicate - Hard Food

Dub Syndicate - Hard Food

Dub Syndicate - Hard Food

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Released in January 2015


N. Artist(s) Title
1Dub SyndicateSound Collisions
2Dub SyndicatePerry & Sangie
3Dub SyndicateBless My Soul ft
4Dub SyndicateLove Addis Ababa"
5Dub SyndicateFirehouse Special
6Dub Syndicate & U-RoyDub Is All I Got feat. U-Roy
7Dub SyndicateGypsy Magic
8Dub SyndicateLove Is Coming At You feat. Magma
9Dub SyndicateA Food Thing
10Dub SyndicateOriginal Again
11Dub SyndicateBrain Food
12Dub SyndicateLove Is Coming
13Dub SyndicatePolice In Helicopter
14Dub SyndicateRock With You Baby


Echo Beach CD January,  2015
Echo Beach Digital release January,  2015
Echo Beach VL January,  2015

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  • Dub Syndicate - OverdubbedDub Syndicate - Overdubbed
  • Dub Syndicate - Hard FoodDub Syndicate - Hard Food


Dub Syndicate

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