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Omari Banks - Move On (Deluxe Edition)

Omari Banks - Move On (Deluxe Edition)

Omari Banks - Move On (Deluxe Edition)

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Released in February 2015


Artist/Band: Omari Banks
Album name: Move On (Deluxe Edition)

Originally released in 2013.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Omari BanksMove On
2Omari BanksStill the Youth You Blame
3Omari BanksPuppy Love
4Omari BanksUnafraid
5Omari BanksSomaya
6Omari BanksLet It Go
7Omari BanksWe've Seen It All (feat. Bankie Banxx)
8Omari BanksOh Africa
9Omari BanksNo Point to Prove (feat. Peetah Morgan)
10Omari BanksRun Around
11Omari BanksHow Do I
12Omari BanksJehovah Message (feat. Lateef Banks)
13Omari BanksRun Around (feat. Jemere Morgan) (Remix)


Big Banko Music Digital release February,  2015

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  • Omari Banks - Move On (Deluxe Edition)Omari Banks - Move On (Deluxe Edition)


Omari Banks

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