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Wailing Trees - The World Go Round

Wailing Trees - The World Go Round

Wailing Trees - The World Go Round

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Released in March 2015


N. Artist(s) Title
1Wailing TreesBorders and Gaps
2Wailing TreesThe World Go Round
3Wailing TreesQui sont-ils?
4Wailing TreesTears of Heaven
5Wailing TreesShine as a Child
6Wailing TreesLack of Knowledge
7Wailing TreesSimple
8Wailing TreesPleasure
9Wailing TreesSandstorm
10Wailing TreesOpen Up
11Wailing TreesThe Task
12Wailing TreesNo One Lives Forever
13Wailing TreesLost
14Wailing TreesWise Man


Wailing Trees CD March,  2015
Wailing Trees Digital release March,  2015

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  • Wailing Trees - The World Go RoundWailing Trees - The World Go Round
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Wailing Trees

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