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Benjamin Zephaniah - Revolutionary Minds

Benjamin Zephaniah - Revolutionary Minds

Benjamin Zephaniah - Revolutionary Minds

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Released in September 2017


Artist/Band: Benjamin Zephaniah
Album name: Revolutionary Minds

Album available on September 01th, 2017.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Benjamin ZephaniahEarth Liberation Sound
2Benjamin ZephaniahRevolutionary Minds
3Benjamin ZephaniahPresident
4Benjamin ZephaniahInterlude
5Benjamin ZephaniahMore Animal Writes
6Benjamin ZephaniahCool Down
7Benjamin ZephaniahHot Like Jamaica (feat. Miss Justice)
8Benjamin ZephaniahIn This World
9Benjamin ZephaniahI Am a Revolutionary (feat. Logic)
10Benjamin ZephaniahWhat Stephen Lawrence Has Taught Us
11Benjamin ZephaniahInterlude 2
12Benjamin ZephaniahThe Bass Is Coming Down
13Benjamin ZephaniahUprising Downtown
14Benjamin ZephaniahYou Dream (feat. Eva Abraham)


Fane Productions CD September,  2017
Fane Productions LP September,  2017
Fane Productions Digital release September,  2017

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  • Benjamin Zephaniah - Revolutionary MindsBenjamin Zephaniah - Revolutionary Minds


Benjamin Zephaniah

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