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Rew-ffwd (rewind Fast Forward)

Rew-ffwd (rewind Fast Forward)

Year: 1994
Genre: Drama
Country :Jamaica / Canada
Director :Denis Villeneuve
Production(s) :National Film Board of Canada

A young photographer lands in Jamaica to make a report on Miss World 1976.

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A young photographer lands in Jamaica to make a report of Miss World 1976.
Warned long before his departure against the dangers of this island, his worst anxieties become reality; when his car breaks down right in the middle of a violent renowned ghetto. Tetanised, he must wait until the car is repaired to leave. At first, it was against his willing, then with a growing interest, he learns to listen, to open himself, to agree to be elsewhere, and discover finally the true identity of Jamaicans. After this experience, he cannot decently resolve any more to leave this island by having taken pictures of a single pretty woman on a paradisiacal beach.

Cast - All actors

Lorne Brass Lorne brass

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Rew-ffwd (rewind Fast Forward)
Rew-ffwd (rewind Fast Forward) - 1994

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