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Top 25 Reggae Albums in 2016
By Erik Magni on 23 Dec 2016
Time to sum up this year’s best albums.
Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal - The Martians
By Karl Pearson on 11 Nov 2016
The Martians Are Coming! Dubwise Poetry from Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal.
Danakil - La Rue Raisonne
By Erik Magni on 09 Nov 2016
Uncompromising new album from Danakil.
Dubheart - Full Time Pressure
By Norman Darwen on 23 Oct 2016
Dubheart keeps up this outfit’s reputation for first class sounds.
Koro Fyah - Rough Diamond
By Erik Magni on 23 Oct 2016
Koro Fyah is a rough diamond.
DUB INC - So What
By Erik Magni on 23 Oct 2016
So what - DUB INC has a new album.
The Best of Prince Alla
By Erik Magni on 23 Oct 2016
Roots scorchers on The Best of Prince Alla.
I Kong - Pass It On
By Erik Magni on 23 Oct 2016
I Kong’s superb Pass It On.
Clinton Fearon - This Morning
By Erik Magni on 23 Oct 2016
Uplifting and positive new album from Clinton Fearon.
Five in-demand Scientist Albums Reissued
By Erik Magni on 15 Aug 2016
Big Showdown, Heavyweight Dub Champion, The Evil Course of the Vampires, Wins the World Cup and...
Mixtape Galore - Kabaka Pyramid, Jah9 and OBF Soundsystem
By Erik Magni on 13 Aug 2016
Three new devastating mixtapes.
The Bionic Rats - T.B.R.
By Gerard McMahon on 12 Aug 2016
This album's set delivered live will only enhance The Bionic Rats growing reputation.
Stephen Marley - Revelation Part II: The Fruit of Life
By Erik Magni on 11 Aug 2016
Stephen Marley’s electic The Fruit of Life
Sevana EP
By Erik Magni on 10 Aug 2016
Sevana’s promising debut.
Max Romeo - Horror Zone
By Erik Magni on 04 Aug 2016
Heavyweight roots on Max Romeo’s Horror Zone.

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