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Jazz, Soul & Reggae at Half Moon
By Steve James on 17 Jun 2018
Photo report from the charity event Jazz, Soul & Reggae in Montego Bay.
Red Bones Blues Café - The Best of the Best
By Steve James on 17 Jun 2018
Red Bones Blues Café recently celebrated its twenty one years of existence.
Reggae Sumfest 2018 Launch
By Steve James on 17 Jun 2018
Reggae Sumfest 2018 was recently launched with performances by Bounty Killer, JahDore, Teejay,...
New Town Kings - Reach Out
By Gerard McMahon on 15 Jun 2018
Excellent new reggae ska album from New Town Kings.
Interview: Triston Palma (Part 1)
By Angus Taylor on 14 Jun 2018
"My dream was to touch Dennis Brown"
King Kong - Repatriation
By Erik Magni on 13 Jun 2018
King Kong alongside Irie Ites on the pulsating Repatriation.
The Congos and Pura Vida - Morning Star
By Gerard McMahon on 12 Jun 2018
A new combination between Jamaica’s The Congos and Belgium’s Pura Vida.
Interview: Micah Shemaiah
By David Katz on 07 Jun 2018
"When I left school I started to really put my Rastafari traditions into my music and started...
Kabaka Pyramid - Kontraband
By Erik Magni on 06 Jun 2018
Kabaka Pyramid bridges reggae and hip-hop on Kontraband.
Pura Vida and The Congos in Belgium
By Gerard McMahon on 05 Jun 2018
Photo report of Pura Vida and The Congos in Brussels.
Kaya Fest 2018 (Chapter 2)
By Lee Abel on 05 Jun 2018
Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Kaya Album.
Soul Sugar - I Want You
By Erik Magni on 31 May 2018
French outfit Soul Sugar – the brainchild of Guillaume “Gee” Metenier –...
Interview: King Kong
By David Katz on 18 May 2018
"I really love the sound system, I love dancehall, it’s like a part of me, so when I’m...
Anthony 'Chips' Richards Reception Dinner
By Steve James on 16 May 2018
Anthony 'Chips' Richards and friends celebrating his award for promoting reggae music worldwide.
Startime 2018 - The Final Chapter
By Steve James on 15 May 2018
The end of a Jamaican phenomenon.

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