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Interview: Jimmy Cliff, Still Going Strong
By Gerard McMahon on 07 Jan 2019
"I haven’t written my best songs as yet... They will come"
Interview: Mikey Chung in Kingston (Part 1)
By Angus Taylor on 12 Dec 2018
"We just liked the music to go through, in the best way we thought possible"
Interview: Royal Sounds
By Angus Taylor on 07 Nov 2018
"Whatever your art is,  just do it to the highest standard"  
Interview: Joe Isaacs in Kingston (Part 2)
By Angus Taylor on 24 Oct 2018
"Coxsone used to treat us like we were his kids"
Interview: Joe Isaacs in Kingston (Part 1)
By Angus Taylor on 12 Oct 2018
"There are drummers who have their own signature"
Interview: Protoje at Overjam 2018
By Angus Taylor on 06 Aug 2018
"When I read more I  write more"
Interview: Tan Tan Thornton (Part 2)
By Angus Taylor on 01 Aug 2018
"I'm going to play until I drop"
Interview: Tan Tan Thornton (Part 1)
By Angus Taylor on 27 Jul 2018
"Everything I did, I got lucky"
Interview: Carl Meeks
By Angus Taylor on 12 Jul 2018
"I stopped singing for almost 20 something years"
Interview: Alborosie (2018)
By Angus Taylor on 29 Jun 2018
"My visions! They always carry me to different places!"
Interview: Triston Palma (Part 2)
By Angus Taylor on 27 Jun 2018
"What the people want, I just deliver it"
Interview: Triston Palma (Part 1)
By Angus Taylor on 14 Jun 2018
"My dream was to touch Dennis Brown"
Interview: Micah Shemaiah
By David Katz on 07 Jun 2018
"When I left school I started to really put my Rastafari traditions into my music and started...
Interview: King Kong
By David Katz on 18 May 2018
"I really love the sound system, I love dancehall, it’s like a part of me, so when I’m...
Pablo Moses - Interview in Paris
By Gerard McMahon on 07 May 2018
"I never stop performing, I love the road, I love to meet my audiences face to face."

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