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Macka B - Word, Sound And Power

Macka B - Word, Sound And Power

Macka B - Word, Sound And Power

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Released in 2004


N. Artist(s) Title
1Macka BWord, Sound & Power
2Macka BMi Noh Bizniz
3Macka BGandja Ladies
4Macka BJamaican
5Macka BGood Good People
6Macka B & Whe Dem Deh (feat. Freddie McGreggor)
7Macka B & Queen OmegaFar Away From Babylon (feat. Queen Omega)
8Macka B & Musical Liberation (feat. The Hunta)
9Macka BChildren Children
10Macka BThose Days
11Macka BStop Fight Rastafari
12Macka BStep Up
13Macka B & RasItesWhen U Get It (feat. Rasites)
14Macka BHail Up
15Macka BRacism
16Macka BGiving Praise
17Macka BRastaman
18Macka BDeep Bass Voice


Charm CD  2004
Charm LP  2004

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Macka B

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