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Macka B - Health is Wealth

Macka B - Health is Wealth

Macka B - Health is Wealth

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Released in September 2017


Artist/Band: Macka B
Album name: Health is Wealth

Album available on September 29th, 2017.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Macka BHealth Is Wealth
2Macka BGangster
3Macka BWha Me Eat (Remix)
4Macka BNatural Herb
5Macka BLegendary Reggae Icons
6Macka B70's Legendary Reggae Icons
7Macka BCucumba
8Macka BSpeaker Pon Fire
9Macka B & Maxi PriestJah Jah Children (feat. Maxi Priest)
10Macka BOur Story
11Macka BLyrical Chef
12Macka BExcess Baggage
13Macka BNah Go Back There
14Macka BSee Them From Far
15Macka BMama Africa
16Macka BMy King


Greensleeves Digital release September,  2017
Greensleeves CD September,  2017
Greensleeves LP September,  2017

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  • Macka B - Health is WealthMacka B - Health is Wealth


Macka B

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