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Laurel Aitken - The Godfather Of Ska

Laurel Aitken - The Godfather Of Ska

Laurel Aitken - The Godfather Of Ska

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Released in October 2009

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Laurel Aitken
Album name: The Godfather Of Ska

Disc 1 : Aitken's Boogie Mento to Rock Steady
Disc 2 : Skinhead Train - Boss Reggae to Ska Revival


N. Artist(s) Title
1Laurel AitkenNebuchenezer
2Laurel AitkenAitken Sboogie
3Laurel AitkenBoogie Rock
4Laurel AitkenCome Back Jeannie
5Laurel AitkenBaba Kill Me Goat
6Laurel AitkenLittle Sheila
7Laurel AitkenBoogie In My Bones
8Laurel AitkenLove Me Baby
9Laurel AitkenMary Lee
10Laurel AitkenJudgment Day
11Laurel AitkenRailroad Track
12Laurel AitkenMore Whisky
13Laurel AitkenBartender
14Laurel AitkenMabel
15Laurel AitkenLucille
16Laurel Aitken(She's Gone To) Napoli
17Laurel AitkenHave Mercy Mr Percy
18Laurel AitkenThat Great Day
19Laurel AitkenFreedom Train
20Laurel AitkenLion Of Judah
21Laurel AitkenZion City Wall
22Laurel AitkenBachelor Life
23Laurel AitkenWest Indian Cricket Test
24Laurel AitkenYou Left Me Standing
25Laurel AitkenBag A Boo
26Laurel AitkenYes Indeed
27Laurel AitkenPropaganda
28Laurel AitkenGreen Banana
29Laurel AitkenRock Steady
30Laurel AitkenFire (In Your Wire)
31Laurel AitkenThe Rise And Fall (Of Laurel)
32Laurel AitkenWoppi King
33Laurel AitkenSuffering Still
34Laurel AitkenRun Powell Run
35Laurel AitkenLandlords And Tenants
36Laurel AitkenScandal In Brixton Market
37Laurel AitkenJesse James
38Laurel AitkenPussy Price Gone Up
39Laurel AitkenSkinhead Train
40Laurel AitkenMr Popcorn
41Laurel AitkenReggae Popcorn
42Laurel AitkenIt's too Late
43Laurel AitkenDelilah (Is A Woman)
44Laurel AitkenFatty Bum Bum Gone To Jail
45Laurel AitkenWitch Doctor From Amsterdam
46Laurel AitkenRudi Got Married
47Laurel AitkenBig Fat Man
48Laurel AitkenMad About You
49Laurel AitkenSahara
50Laurel AitkenRingo The Gringo
51Laurel AitkenSally Brown
52Laurel AitkenSkinhead


Pressure Drop CD October,  2009

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Laurel Aitken

Laurel Aitken photo


Born in 1927

Died in 2005

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