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Laurel Aitken and Friends - Boss Reggae Sounds

Laurel Aitken and Friends - Boss Reggae Sounds

Laurel Aitken and Friends - Boss Reggae Sounds

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Released in January 2011

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Laurel Aitken and Friends
Album name: Boss Reggae Sounds

Laurel Aitken Productions, 1969 - 1971.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Laurel AitkenCutting Blade - King Horror
2Laurel AitkenZion I - Rico & The Visions
3Laurel AitkenLeaving Me Standing - Winston Groovy
4Laurel AitkenThe Vampire - King Horror
5Laurel AitkenThe Worm - Pama Dice
6Laurel AitkenThe Hole - King Horror
7Laurel AitkenI Can't Go On - Winston Groovy
8Laurel AitkenFunky Chicken Pama Dice
9Laurel AitkenLoch Ness Monster - King Horror
10Laurel AitkenOnly You Winston Groovy
11Laurel AitkenFunky Monkey - Dice The Boss
12Laurel AitkenFunky Monkey (Part 2) - Dice The Boss
13Laurel AitkenFunny - Winston Groovy
14Laurel AitkenFunny Version 2 The Cimarons
15Laurel AitkenGive Me Back Your Love - Trevor Lloyd
16Laurel AitkenReal Collie - Dice & Cummie
17Laurel AitkenFunky Duck - Dice The Boss
18Laurel AitkenFrankenstein - King Horror
19Laurel AitkenReggae Popcorn - Pama Dice
20Laurel AitkenSin, Sun & Sex - Pama Dice
21Laurel AitkenYou Send Me - Winston Groovy
22Laurel AitkenNobody Else But You - Joe Lace
23Laurel AitkenElection - The Freedom Singers
24Laurel AitkenTomorrow Sworld - Fleece & The Live Shocks
25Laurel AitkenStanding On The Corner - Winston Groovy
26Laurel AitkenHistory Of Africa - The Classics
27Laurel AitkenAfrica Arise (History Of Africa Part 2) - Laurel Aitken
28Laurel AitkenValley Of Tears - Cock & The Woodpeckers
29Laurel AitkenBirdsand Flowers The Groovy Beats
30Laurel AitkenGuilty - Tiger


Pressure Drop CD January,  2011

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  • Laurel Aitken and Friends - Boss Reggae SoundsLaurel Aitken and Friends - Boss Reggae Sounds
  • Laurel Aitken - Boss Reggae Sounds: Reggae PopcornLaurel Aitken - Boss Reggae Sounds: Reggae Popcorn


Laurel Aitken

Laurel Aitken photo


Born in 1927

Died in 2005

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