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Earl Zero - And God Said To Man

Earl Zero - And God Said To Man

Earl Zero - And God Said To Man

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Released in 2010


Artist/Band: Earl Zero
Album name: And God Said To Man

Showcase album (vocals + dubs).
Produced by Roberto Sanchez (A-Lone Productions).


N. Artist(s) Title
1Earl ZeroAnd God Said To Man
2Earl ZeroMusical Army Dub
3Earl ZeroYou're Gonna Fall
4Earl ZeroWake Up Dub
5Earl ZeroNew Day Has Come
6Earl ZeroNew Dub
7Earl ZeroNone Shall Escape The Judgement
8Earl ZeroJudgement Dub
9Earl ZeroIn A Thankful Mood
10Earl ZeroThankful Dub
11Earl ZeroRoot Of David
12Earl ZeroJericho Dub


A-Lone Productions CD  2010
A-Lone Productions LP  2010

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  • Earl Zero - And God Said To ManEarl Zero - And God Said To Man
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Earl Zero

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