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Earl Zero - Marketplace

Earl Zero - Marketplace

Earl Zero - Marketplace

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Released in April 2011


Artist/Band: Earl Zero
Album name: Marketplace

Produced by Siahvash Dowlatshahi

Lead Vocals: Earl Zero
Backup Vocals: Erika Lawrence, Luqman Frank
Drums: Style Scott, The Bongolian, Zak Najor
Guitar & Bass: Siahvash Dowlatshahi
Keys (B3, Clavinet, Rhodes, Piano, Melodica, Synths): Alex Somerville,
Brian Teel, Greg Davis, Siahvash Dowlatshahi
Percussion: Steve Haney, Eric Abutin, Chris Alvarado
Horns: Eric Abutin (Bass Clarinet), Gilbert Castellanos (Trumpet)
Violin: Malek Vossough


N. Artist(s) Title
1Earl ZeroGet Up!
2Earl ZeroBlackmans Time
3Earl ZeroMarketplace
4Earl ZeroBack Up in the Woods
5Earl ZeroThing Called Love
6Earl ZeroRude Interlude 1936
7Earl ZeroGood Morning my Little Darling
8Earl ZeroDo the Rub-A-Dub
9Earl ZeroMystery Babylon Dub
10Earl ZeroRub-A-Dub Instrumental


Foreign Key Records CD April,  2011

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Earl Zero

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