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Posted by mustapha on 02.08.2011
Hi Alaine this is Mustapha Sowe a.k.a mustigdajustifier, from the Gambia. How are you?

Posted by mustapha on 02.08.2011
I like you because of being part of the United Reggae family

Posted by mussolini on 07.21.2012
About to be a first time father, Alaine if its a girl.

Posted by swabry on 10.11.2012
Can same body help me? I am so in love Alaine, I will do anything for her, I will even give my life for her, I really love her.

Posted by Lord Stepper on 07.02.2013
Hey Alaine this is loard stepper from Zim i wanna tell u tht we are in love with yo voice...booom

Posted by styler s on 08.25.2013
Alaine u part a de realest u mash up big time ten yuh fi makin ugandans proud a de show

Posted by derrick on 11.23.2013
Hey Alaine you are bad dan moxt.

Posted by Kivah on 07.12.2014
Gal you are settle like ah bucket ah water ya nah run like no river..

Posted by tee on 05.25.2016
You are my best Alaine

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