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Posted by Queen on 01.26.2011
I am interested in information about your organic product for your joints. I had to go and have two injections in my knees yesterday, and learned that I have no cartilage left. so like a good doctor he suggested surgery. Well I have had many surgeries and also I am a Jehovah witness and will not accept blood. So I had heard about your product and in the past I smoked the Budwiser and never knew that it dried out your joints and now I am having problems. If you could send me some information I would like to order it from you. Also I watched Shotta\'s I have never in my life watched a movie that many times I have a best friend named Kelly, and we went to collage together and I took care of her kids for her and we were supposed to go back to her yard but my dad got sick and i had to come and take care of him in Natchitoches LA. and so she told me that if I ever go to not go into trench town alone I loved her accent and was glad that shotta\'s exposed that corrupt government and also I had a problem with you using the n word and B---h word because I never heard Kelly or Ron use those word don\'t take this personally but it threw me off because Spragga never said it but it is just that I wish that humans would quit hatin and start participatin. Well if you could send that information I would appreciate it very much oh 1 more thing you look so much like your dad it is like he spit you out and YOU ARE FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Road Trippin For Ky-Mani on 06.25.2011
I've make It my mission to catch Ky-Mani in concert.. hopefully, in the next 12 months. He never seems to make it anywhere close to who's up for a road trip?! He's truly talented. And oh so ifine!

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