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Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival 2015
By Steve James on 13 Feb 2015
Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival with Errol Dunkley, Soja, Brian Holt, Johnny Clarke, Mariah Carey...
The Lions - Soul Riot
By Erik Magni on 12 Feb 2015
Refreshingly funky on The Lions’ Soul Riot
Michael Mountain - Nowhere Else to go
By Erik Magni on 12 Feb 2015
Low-key reggae from northern Malawi
Interview: King Jammy
By Angus Taylor on 10 Feb 2015
"I had this urge in me to do music and excel to the top"
Atili Bandalero - Closed Circuit
By Erik Magni on 09 Feb 2015
A digital bonanza from Atili Bandalero and friends.
The Beat and Bionic Rats in Dublin
By Gerard McMahon on 09 Feb 2015
The Beat goes on!
Omar Perry - Be Cool
By Erik Magni on 09 Feb 2015
Scorching set from Omar Perry and Sly & Robbie
Rootz Radicals - Lion Outta Den
By Dan Franck on 06 Feb 2015
Straight Outta Bavaria, a Righteous Reggae EP.
Interview: Horseman
By Angus Taylor on 05 Feb 2015
"I just do this to please the people them"
Anti-Bypass meets Joe Pilgrim and Shanti D – D
By Loob Dub on 03 Feb 2015
Final part of the Dub Addict Sound System vinyl series "SOUND"
Svaha Sound Records - Dub Bibliothque V1
By Dan Franck on 03 Feb 2015
A Mighty Dub Compilation from Svaha Sound Records
New Kingston - Kingston City
By Erik Magni on 01 Feb 2015
Kingston City is New Kingston’s best album yet.
Lee Perry in Rome
By Francesco "Versoescondido" Iampieri on 30 Jan 2015
Lee Perry performed in Rome on the 18th of January.
Sly and Robbie Presents No-Maddz
By Erik Magni on 29 Jan 2015
A fruitful meeting between Sly & Robbie and No-Maddz.
Dr Ring Ding meets Dreadsquad - Dig It All
By Erik Magni on 28 Jan 2015
Dr. Ring Ding & Dreadsquad dig the 80s.

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