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Etana, Queen Omega and Mo'Kalamity in Paris
By Franck Blanquin on 03 Jun 2014
Queens of Reggae played in Blanc-Mesnil, near Paris.
Pressure Dub Sound
By Erik Magni on 03 Jun 2014
Electronic and dubwise on Pressure Dub Sound’s debut.
Hezron - The Life I Lived(d)
By Erik Magni on 01 Jun 2014
An accomplished and mature debut from Hezron.
Yabass - Send em to Outa Space
By Karl Pearson on 01 Jun 2014
Prolific underground artist is back with what has to be his most accessible and best album so far.
Interview: Black Roots (Part 2)
By Angus Taylor on 29 May 2014
"Bob Marley brought reggae music twenty years forward and dancehall put it twenty years backwards"
Earl Sixteen - Natty Farming
By Erik Magni on 25 May 2014
A stellar set from Earl 16 and Roberto Sánchez.
Interview: The Banyans
By Erik Magni on 25 May 2014
"It’s a real pleasure for us to see that this music, which was created 50’s years ago on...
Lee Scratch Perry - Back On The Controls
By Erik Magni on 25 May 2014
Lee Perry has relocated from the factory to the rain forest.
Interview: I-Octane (2014)
By Erik Magni on 25 May 2014
"I’m a free flowing artist and no one can stop me from creating songs"
Ziggi Recado - Therapeutic
By Erik Magni on 25 May 2014
Ziggi Recado is a musical therapist.
Soul Majestic - Setting The Tone
By Erik Magni on 23 May 2014
Soul Majestic adds a little bit of sunlight.
Hollie Cook - Twice
By Angus Taylor on 12 May 2014
A risk-taking improvement on a winning formula.
Interview: Black Roots (Part 1)
By Angus Taylor on 11 May 2014
"Bristol is a funny town. It looks calm and collected but deep down it is one of the most racist...
Anthony B and Kabaka Pyramid in Rome
By Francesco "Versoescondido" Iampieri on 11 May 2014
Jamaican artists at CSA Intifada on April 30th.
Interview: The Congos’ Watty Burnett Looks Backwards and Forwards
By Gerard McMahon on 10 May 2014
"Heart of the Congos album... to be honest with you I wasn’t impressed with it"

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