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Interview: Jemere Morgan
By Nadia Bestjamaica on 15 Jan 2012
"I have some pretty big shoes to fill but I'm ready to take on the challenge"
Interview: Tinga Stewart
By Angus Taylor on 11 Jan 2012
"Mr Boris Gardner was a perfectionist. I sang a little off key - he took the bass and conked me on...
Interview: Cali P
By Demian Hartmann on 07 Jan 2012
"Just because I started out with Modern Roots, doesn't mean that I only have to stick to this...
Interview: Stuart Baker, founder of Soul Jazz Records
By Erik Magni on 06 Jan 2012
"We built up the courage to contact Clement Dodd and told him how much we admired Studio One"
Interview: Frankie Paul
By Angus Taylor on 31 Dec 2011
"I'd like to be in space movies... I'd like to play the man who comes from another planet"
Interview: Susan Cadogan
By Angus Taylor on 19 Dec 2011
"I did an album for Lee Perry and got a million-seller. Who could ask for more?"
Interview: Dax Lion
By Marc Marino on 16 Dec 2011
"I like to classify my genre as Music. I like to call it Seasoned Music"
Interview: Ken Boothe
By Erik Magni on 15 Dec 2011
"Color is not the answer – the answer is you and me"
Interview: Derajah
By Angus Taylor on 07 Dec 2011
"I didn't know where in the music I wanted to be, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it"
Interview: I-Taweh
By Angus Taylor on 03 Dec 2011
"Ras starts from birth. If you light a fire and put it under the bed it's going to burn the house...
Interview: Bob Harding from King Spinna Records
By Erik Magni on 30 Nov 2011
"We don't want to be exactly like Blood and Fire. It's about music we think is worth putting out...
Interview: I-Wayne (2011)
By Erik Magni on 26 Nov 2011
"It's about sharing life and sharing knowledge"
Interview: CeCile
By Erik Magni on 21 Nov 2011
"I've experienced the hostility towards Jamaicans and I want to change the perception of me"
Interview: David Katz on Jimmy Cliff
By Angus Taylor on 19 Nov 2011
"He is one of the heavyweights of roots music"
Interview: Midnite
By Erik Magni on 16 Nov 2011
"It's always about word and sound. These things come together in music"

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