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Interview: King Jammy
By Angus Taylor on 10 Feb 2015
"I had this urge in me to do music and excel to the top"
Interview: Horseman
By Angus Taylor on 05 Feb 2015
"I just do this to please the people them"
Interview: Duane Stephenson (2014) Part 2
By Angus Taylor on 27 Jan 2015
"You don't have to get a lot to give a little"
Interview: Duane Stephenson (2014) Part 1
By Angus Taylor on 22 Jan 2015
"Less than a year after the video was shot, three people in the video are now deceased"
Interview: Nesbeth
By Miss Windy on 16 Jan 2015
"It doesn't matter where you are from, who you are, you can be what you want to be, just do whatever...
Interview: Milton Henry
By Angus Taylor on 15 Jan 2015
"Hopefully we can leave a legacy for the young to continue"
Alive, Alert and Attacking: Bunny Wailer Coming Into 2015
By Gerard McMahon on 23 Dec 2014
"I can see that the reggae family is getting larger and stronger"
Interview: Fil Callender (Part 3)
By Angus Taylor on 17 Dec 2014
"In Jamaica a lot of great musicians are overlooked"
Interview: Fil Callender (Part 2)
By Angus Taylor on 10 Dec 2014
"I wanted to build my own group and pursue my own recordings" 
Interview: Fil Callender (Part 1)
By Angus Taylor on 06 Dec 2014
"All the time I was at Studio 1 I never saw Coxsone raise his voice"
Interview: Wailing Souls (2014)
By Angus Taylor on 20 Nov 2014
"We build the kind of rhythms in Jamaica that can last forever"
Interview: RC
By Angus Taylor on 12 Nov 2014
"I'm a conscious type of person"
Interview: Errol Dunkley
By Angus Taylor on 05 Nov 2014
"I've got a new album I'm working on - with Sly and Robbie"
Interview: Iba Mahr
By Angus Taylor on 23 Oct 2014
"Love is what I preach. It's a universal language"
Interview: Alpheus and Roberto Sanchez at Garance 2014
By Angus Taylor on 19 Oct 2014
"When it's football we are not friends!"

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