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Interview: Nature

Interview: Nature

Interview: Nature

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"An artist responsability is to highlight and create a balance, so that the people can receive a message"


As many Jamaican artists, Nature had his first musical experiences at church when he was a child. Born in Montego Bay, he had been remarked through musical competitions since 2002, and moved to Kingston to find better opportunities of pursuing a music career, as he is relating in his song "Trying Man". He recorded several songs for various Jamaican producers and labels, before settling down with DownSound records, and performed in many shows islandwide and abroad before reaching today s notoriety, which is the result of his perseverance as well, as he was going from musical place to musical place with his demo CDs to make people know him.

Besides a positive universal message full of hope and upliftment for the listeners of his music, he is an excellent performer with a skillfull singing style and a remarkable dancing ability. For the Jamaican street, Nature is also a popular artist living up to the message of his songs, a people person the crowd cherishes because of his good and clean heart and his concrete actions.

He received us for an interview in Waterhouse, a part of Kingston with a great musical legend, where he is very popular, for having been living there a couple of years.

Nature is an open, gentle, and intelligent artist, his voice is the one of the humble man, and his songs can relate to the whole world. He is always trying to bring up the topic to a collective and universal level. His recent song "Preserve Nature", is one of the first songs in Jamaican reggae to expose environmental problems in a very explicite and educative way.

Nature carried his guitar with him to deliver a bright acoustic session for United Reggae with that same song, which is also featured on his debut album "Life's Journey", released in June by DownSound records.


Greetings Nature, thank you for receiving us today here in Kingston.

It is a pleasure to have you.

Your new song, "Preserve Nature", is one of the first ecological songs in Jamaica. Is it because of your name, Nature, that you are leading the way for Jamaican reggae to talk about environmental problems?

As my name suggests, I am a person that is observing the natural aspects of Life, and based on my observation and my research during the last 5 years, and I could also say, during my lifetime until now, I have learned that there is a crisis going on right now, regarding global warming for example. Also, there are a lot of animals that have been extincted, and a lot of forests destroyed.

We, the music fraternity, myself Nature, but also other artists and musicians, we have to understand that we all live in this World, and that music is more than singing about sex, drugs, etc. We need all to realize that we all survive from food, clothing, and shelter. And trees provide all that, so if we cut down too many trees, what is going to happen? It does not mean we cannot cut any tree at all, cause we have to use them, but we have to be careful about the way we do it. It is a fact now that cutting down too many trees causes land flooding and soil erosion, as we know the roots of the trees hold the land together.

We, the musicians, have to make people aware about these things, cause music is the Voice, we are Moses, we are prophets, as many great artists and philosophers before us. If you even look at it biblically, you will find out that singers and players of instruments are the ones who talk first.

In 2015, to bring forth a message such as "Preserve Nature", when so many things are so unbalanced within the natural aspect of Life, is a mission for an artist.

So you consider your songs to be educational and motivational songs, is it a way to build a better world?

Sure, because we all have a responsability, whether we are a lawyer, a teacher, a farmer, a musician, it is up to us to choose to build and act from a positive or a negative perspective.

Certain people will say, "OK, if there must be a balance of the earth, we are supposed to have a negative side and a positive side", but when you check the history of mankind and see what negativity has created in terms of crime and violence, it is better to choose positivity and see what it can build, for example through educating people to preserve nature.

You get to notice how it can create chaos if you don't remenber the laws of Nature, see how many diseases can spread through the land because of uncleanliness, when people dump garbage in the sea and the rivers, these are conditions for them to develop. We are all a part of Nature, we are all connected, we have all to be aware of cleanliness, we have all to take care of the ecosystem. If we preserve Nature, it is benefiting all of us in return. One great philosopher is saying "Nature doesn't need us, but we need Nature"

Why do you say "It is up to you and me to preserve Nature?" Do we have that power?

When I am saying that, it means "It is not just up to you", it is a collective effort to create this well-being, not for me, not for you, but for the human race, and the animals as well. I can go as deep as that in saying that we are all animals, and we all are One. For example, there are so many birds right now that find very hard to survive, cause so many trees are being cut down in the Amazone, and a lot of animals that were around 15 or 20 years ago have disappeared.It is up to the human being to choose to have a great vision for the World and the ecosystems, it is a collective effort.

Some forces of destruction are there sometimes that are depending on governments and other entities, and that are bigger than us, the little people. For example when they build highways, cut all the trees for mining, decide to turn a mangrove into another transit harbour.

NatureWhat I am doing as an artist, is to highlight certain topics, and it causes people to think; but as an individual, you will have to make a decision when to do something about what you have been inspired for.

Can I make a decision when the Chinese want to buy some land on the seaside to build more hotels on the Jamaican north coast? What is my power about that?

As an artist, I am a person that is highlighting these kind of things. Now we have a government system, where a group of people are coming together to make a decision collectively. It is not up to me alone to say "OK, these Chinese can buy the land." I am a person that believes in democracy, in coming together and deciding this or that. I still have a problem with people that try by force to put people out of their ancestral lands, but I have that vision and inspiration to talk about World peace, and I don't want to be caught in this kind of small discussion like "the Chinese want to buy that piece of land in Ocho Rios ". You see Jamaicans settling in America as well, nobody has to be a second-class citizen in another country, this is not the vision the Universe has for us, this plane observes One Sun, so it shows that we can share!!!

I am not talking especially about Chinese people, Jamaican can do these things too, it is about the destruction. Once a company or a government has been deciding they want to cut a lot of trees to build another hotel, we can't do that much against it, where is our power as people?

Our, not me, not you, OUR.

An artist responsability is to highlight and create a balance, so that you, the people, can receive a message. The idea is from me as an artist, to the people. Obviously, I have been thinking about that topic, I am posing a question, I am sheding a light, and we can all talk about it. For example here we are doing an interview, this is a bigger platform where we are doing that type of talking for a media.

When Nature does a song, Nature does it for the World, even the Universe!

You are bringing up a topic to the society.

Right, so that they can make better decisions, also, everyone and collectively.

Do you participate to the beach-cleaning day in Jamaica every year in September ?

Yes, I participated last year! We went to some places along the coast in the Kingston area.

Is it important to live in harmony with your message?

Very important, that why I took the initiative to be part of that last September!

This song, "Preserve Nature", has been adopted as the official track for the Switzerland-based nature organisation WNO, how do you feel about that?

It is a great feeling to know that I could touch people from a corporation like the World Nature Organisation, because these people are doing a tremendous job, I consider myself now as a part of that team, because if we all think alike, we are alike, and we are One. A lot of brothers and sisters out there in the World are getting the same vibration, and are also doing the work, not just speaking. They are doing a lot of good work to get people out there to create a balance within this aspect of preserving Nature!

Your song is like an anthem for them?

That's right. I wish it could be an anthem not only for them, but for the World! But they are the ones who highlighted it!

When Nature does a song, Nature does it for the World, even the Universe! It is remarkable that they actually chose that song, from the whole collection of songs that people all over the World write about Nature!

You are a goodwill ambassador for Jamaica for that organisation now, what does this really mean, do you have the power to initiate some actions in the island to protect the environment?

Of course! Right now I have a "Preserve Nature" foundation, I just started it some months ago. For example they had a flood in Montego Bay.

This is your birthplace, isn't it?

Yes, this is my birthplace. I donated some garbage bins to the national solid waste management branch.

I also have a noni farm.

What is noni?

Noni is a fruit. It is good to cure cancer, to relieve high blood pressure, to boost the immune system.

Is it easy to grow in Jamaica?

It grows very well in Jamaica.

How many years does it need to be productive?

After 3 years, the tree is very mature, but depending of the soil and the way it has been planted, you will get some of these fruits within one year or a year and half.

Are you already producing noni juice?

Not as yet,but this is in the process.

Is it an organic farm?

Yes, of course! No fertilizers! We got to preserve Nature!

You recently released your debut album with DownSound Records?

Nature - Life's JourneyYes, DownSound Records. It is a collective energy, Sly and Robbie did some work on it already, and now Dean Fraser.

You recorded a song with Alborosie.

I have a collaboration with Alborosie, but unfortunately it is not feature on my album, because Alborosie put it on his album. Alborosie is really a great artist, and a good friend of mine. Big Up Alborosie!

You also have a song with Ninjaman?

Yes, and also a song with Beenie Man! But I am not sure neither who will pick the song and mix it, so it is not on his album. I also have a song with Gramps Morgan "Journey", that is on my new album.

Why are you performing in so many shows all over Jamaica, sometimes you have 4 to 5 shows programmed on the same week.

This is where the factory is for reggae music. Unfortunately, many youngsters right now are loosing that cultural aspect. Nature is a person who is inspired, as a Jamaican, as a reggae artist, to not only think "OK, I am going to tour and sing for the reggae fans outside of Jamaica". I want also to nurture the youths that are coming up in Jamaica, make an example with my performances and appearances to keep the culture alive.

I also want to nurture the youths that are coming up in Jamaica, make an example with my performances to keep the culture alive

You are performing at very small shows sometimes.

Whenener you gather in the name of the Most High for positive words and good music, it makes sense. Sometimes too you can go to certain shows that do not have a big audience at the time you are performing, but it is still important to do the music, no matter how the audience looks like, because you may never know who will be touched and inspired. That is what we are here for, it doesn't matter if there are 2 people or millions of people, Nature will be there once again, because this is an inspiration from the Most High.

Do you have 3 shows the same evening sometimes?


How does this happen, one in Kingston, one in Montego Bay.

And one in Ocho Rios! These things happen! And once it is relevant, I will be there!

Can you tell us who wrote all these tags on the walls in Kingston streets with your name, Nature, and sometimes the name of some of your songs, World Peace, Revolution, Trying Man? Is that you?

If I was the person who did it, I am sure I will have certain type of extraordinary superpower to write so many "Nature" on the walls! Jamaican are very passionate about the people that inspire them, for example about politicians and political parties. You will see in many parts of Kingston the names JLP and PNP. What happened is that my fans are very passionate about the message of the songs, they are feeling that positive and revolutionary energy, and they do the same thing they will do for a political party.Some of them felt like expressing themselves in that way to show their love to Nature and the positive music.

But, to let you know, I made a public speech telling these fans "Don't do it!", so all these tags are one or 2 years old now, because my fans listen to Nature!

You are more popular than the politicians!

NatureNo, I wouldn't say that, but I would say that people are passionate about their leaders, about how they look up to certain meditations. Obviously, Nature is giving some inspiration to the Jamaican people, that's why they put my name all over the walls of Kingston.

It means they stopped believing in politicians!

They believe in Nature and reggae music! As one artist is saying "It is not politicians, but reggae music that put Jamaica on top!" Jamaican are passionate about what is dear to them, whenever they feel it, they will express it, not with guns and ammunitions, as back to the seventies when these political wars used to take place, but with these tags where they write "World Peace", which is not talking about Jamaican peace only, but collective peace, because this is how my meditation is.

And that is the same for my new song "Preserve Nature", it does not talk only for Jamaica, but for the human race. That is the kind of topics that touches these people.

I have a song also that is called "Trying Man", which appeals to the lower class, the people that suffer the most, the working class, the people that get up every morning and sweep the streets, the people that get up every day and work in the doctor office, the people that work everyday just to make this World a better place, and I sing also about the trying woman, not only the man, the woman too.

I have seen my songs like a stone I threw in the water, making ripples around me

You love to show the balance of things!

That's right! This is the type of music that Nature does, and that these people like. They wrote these tags when I was just beginning to be known on the Jamaican reggae scene.

Do you think the Jamaican society is changing? Are people starting to reason at a different level?

Of course!People are changing! And how do I know they are changing? I have seen ripples. I have seen my songs like a stone I threw in the water, making ripples around me. I know personally some people that changed through that, they are into positive things right now.

People come to me, not only in Jamaica, but also when I am on tour, to tell me "You know, World Peace changed my life!" Some say "Trying Man changed my life!". It is such a good feeling to see people respond to this type of positive message through this music!

It is your way to change the World, which is a positive way to change the World.

That's right! Why people are so passionate about songs? For that reason that songs, music can change the World, positive music can change the World, especially reggae music! And why reggae music? Because reggae music is a music that tells you the things just as they are! Nine ty per cent of the time, reggae music does not hide the truth! If a politician is the problem, reggae music will tell you "The politician is a thief, the politician is a lyer!"

Reggae music is a music where people are telling you in their lyrics what is on their mind without not even thinking about the consequences!

Reggae is a music where people are telling you in their lyrics what is on their mind, without not even thinking about the consequences

Do you think reggae can exist without the positive message in the lyrics?

What really makes reggae is the beat, but still the kind of lyrics you put on a reggae beat is very important. These are the full ingredients for the pot. Because when you hear a reggae riddim, you are staying like you are waiting to get some food, you are waiting for a spiritual intervention, you are waiting for the truth, the message, some upliftment, and if you hear some negativity, for example somebody psychologically breaking down the human race on that riddim, you will feel nauseous.

When you hear the reggae riddim with the positive vibration that are all these words of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, these words of Life, trust me, "What a lovely pot!", as my grand-mother used to say when she was boiling porridge in the morning!

So, people out there, please, keep the reggae so, the message within the riddim, this is the foundation. It is important also for the musicians to know what is really reggae.

But I am not the type of person who stereotypes music, I am just a musician. I am a rapper, I am a DJ, I am a RnB singer, and I am also doing dancehall music, but when it is happening, I don't have to disrespect my brother, you can be positive too within dancehall. There are thousands of dancehall artists there who express great messages on dancehall riddims, as well as rappers also with positive messages, and you will realise that for a lot of music styles, it is all about the type of message within the music.

Do you have a message for the international reggae fans?

As in my latest song, this is what I want to say from the depth of my heart:

"Let us preserve Nature. For a better future. And we can only do it collectively. Just you and me!"

Thank you, Nature

Thanks to you, WORLD PEACE!!!

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