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50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence Celebrations

50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence Celebrations

50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence Celebrations

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Report and photos of Jamaicans celebrating the 50th year of Independence.

Over the past few weeks Jamaicans have been celebrating their 50th year of Independence.  To mark this significant milestone to this small island that has given the world Reggae music, Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, Usain Bolt, three Ms. World, made the Rastafarian movement known throughout the world and much more, several events were scheduled island wide.

Jamaica Land We Love

Combined with the 23rd Olympiad being held in London Jamaicans have being celebrating both home and abroad. There was never a more fitting place to celebrate than England which is home to millions of Jamaican migrants. Jamaicans home and abroad have been celebrating the birth of their nation and the success of their athletes at the London Olympics. With a medal tally of twelve (four gold, four silver and four bronze) the highest ever, a clean sweep in the 200 meters and a new world record in the 4X100 men’s relay, Jamaicans have been on a high ever since. Half Way Tree became temporarily known as Little London.

As early as Emancipation Day which is celebrated on August 1st and Independence Day on August 6th several corporate companies started to decorate their offices in our national colors, people decorated themselves, their cars, pets and anything else they could to highlight this proud moment in our history. The government opened the Jubilee Village at the national stadium which highlighted all aspects of our history. For almost  five days patrons were able to visit the make shift village and experience our country’s rich history in arts, craft, culture, music, food, and athletics just to name a few. In years to come the year 2012 will go down in our history similar to 1962 as a year not to be forgotten.

Check these photos of the celebrations:
Building Wrapped in Jamaican Colours (photos 1 to 7)
Jubilee Village at the National Stadium (photos 8 to 24)
Grand Gala at the National Stadium (photos 25 to 34)
Half Way Tree (photos 35 to 41)


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Posted by Vee Wright on 08.25.2012
Fabulous article and pictures, we also had a great time celebrating in London UK... and with the great winnings at the Olympic Games.....

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