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Interview: Nneka

Interview: Nneka

Interview: Nneka

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"We have to mix up our education with consciousness and spiritual sensitivity to turn it into a wisdom"


Nneka began her musical career in 2005. Her debut album 'Victim of Truth', released in the UK in 2007, was an inspirational mix of hot loops, black consciousness and 21st-century soul music. Last year she released her third album 'Soul is Heavy' and she is actually on tour. She will be playing in Paris (France) at the mythical venue L'OLYMPIA on the 12th of October 2012. United Reggae met this Afro-German warrior princess a few weeks ago in Paris...


Greetings Nneka, you will october 12th in Paris at the Olympia. Do you know how this place is famous in the french music history?

No you've just learned it to me. So my first task will be to fill that place then to make it a special moment, a night to remember. I want it to be magic. It might have some guests I'm not really sure of the names yet but I'm sure it will make it more unique. It's always good to not do like others, to be different and to mix up genres.

What about your collaboration with a French artist named Diziz? Will he be there?

Yes he should be there. I never met him, he knwew my work already when we linked, so I discovered him and appreciated his talents.The collaboration was simple and natural as it was with Medine (another French artist).

You have toured America as the first part of Nas and Damian Marley shows, what kind of experience is to be with them on the road during a few weeks?

Well, they are really differents but both of them are gentle persons. Nas is a simple man, very kind and easy to access. I like to break the ice but with Damian it took me more time even if I consider him as a big brother. The first time spoke it was after two weeks, you can imagine... I was talking about injustice and political issues with an old rastaman from his crew (the same man who was touring with Bob already so Damian see him as a spiritual father) when Damian came up. After a few minutes, he opened his mouth and i said to myself "wow it's take time to approach him but what he is saying is really clever, this man is supa, supa-intelligent, he's not human" to me he is a mystic man surely as Bob was. I realized that he adopted me when at the end of the tour he introduced me to his wife and his baby, I was part of the family. Nas is more simple and relax but both are impressive when them work. Now I see them from another angle than the fan's perspective, I still love Nas and will always look up for Damian. I've already worked with Ziggy (Marley) who is really nice and hope to work again with Nas and Damian.

The situation nowadays in Nigeria and Africa is not easy. As a conscious artist can you explain your point of view and what we can do to change it?

What we need right now and it's easy to say is a proper education. Real leaders who are less selfish, it should not be all about our ego. We need to be less focus on ourselves and more open to the world.

We (people of Africa) have to federate our fellows who travel the world to make them share their knowledge like this we can all become better humans. All we need is inside ourselves or within the African continent. We need more conscious people who act without fear, we must not be afraid of getting rebellious against negativity.

We are born in fear, fear of the system, fear of the parents, fear of everything which is above us (I still cant look my father into the eyes). It's our traditions allright, but we should have respect without putting ourselves into an inferior position. If we want to grow up we should not fear the system but respect it in having a big self confidence.

But I have hope cause mentalities are changing, I can see it day after day and when you change your mentality you can turn any negativity into a positive energy.

Nelson Mandela once said "education is the key". What is your message to the youths and to the next generation?

Education is the key but it can also be bad and dangerous if it's not properly done. We need proper education not miseducation. It should be done in the right way with a humanitarian dimension. I think that too much human intelligence can be destructive, we have to mix up our education with consciousness and spiritual sensitivity to turn it into a wisdom.

As I said, the solution is in our minds so don't be afraid to express yourselves my people...


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Posted by Kato kenneth on 10.11.2012
Europe has begun to see reggae artists come out. It shouldnt only be for Africa, but the babaric and satanic Europe & America should also change them ways from things like gayism and lesbianism.

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