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Capleton in Texas

Capleton in Texas

Capleton in Texas

By on - Photos by Sista Irie - Comment

Capleton, Kulcha Knox and Jah Thunder played at Flamingo Cantina in Austin, Texas on October 19th.



Flamingo Cantina blazed like a kerosene bonfire when Capleton, Kulcha Knox (Naki) and Jah Thunder arrived on stage with the amazing and dynamic Prophecy Band. It was a perfect Austin night, warm and breezy, while the Austin reggae family filled the inside-outside venue with overwhelmingly rare anticipation. Very quickly, the local vibez combusted with joyous dancing and chanting. DJ FLEX took control of the Flamingo Cantina turntables after several years sabbatical. The night was destined for ecstasy and jet propelled by rebellious Rasta rapture.

Jah Thunder led the dancehall lions sporting a bright red tee and stark white sunglasses. He burst through the dimly lit dressing room while Winston's Jamaican Jerk Kitchen filled the air with spices and herbs. Jah Thunder roared on stage with the vigor of an escaped tiger. His finely tuned lyrical missives were perfectly accented by Prophecy's elegant drum and bass lines. This rare combination of talent ignited the night as one of the best shows of the year unfolded.

CapletonKulcha Knox (Naki), an artist I always loved but had never seen, arrived on stage exemplifying Rastafari anciency. His serious and playful demeanor gave credence to his crucial lyrical works. Naki's commanding and alluring persona instantly inspired the crowd. They instantly leaned out and touched him like a prophet riding through town. Kulcha Knox offers a rebirth of old time dancehall authenticity. His words formed incandescent lava flowing in musical harmony from a vented high pressure volcano.

The night climaxed with the explosive Capleton bounding on stage, chanting frenetic parables and sparking human electricity like the final moments of Burning Man, the ultimate effigy of self expression. Capleton focused on songs encouraging love and unity and burned fire on the use of guns for violence. Capleton's words  were positive and demonstrated the need for intellectual and righteous livity. His stage presence is like no other. His magnificent blend of message and physical energy guides the crowd through a night of physical and sensual rebirth.

Capleton, Kulcha Knox and Jah Thunder performed at the highest level of professionalism. Afterwards, these three magnificent artists met with every fan and took every picture requested of them. The three humble and magnificent House of David lions exhibited the faith, hope and strength of Rastafari dignity. I can only hope and pray for a quick return.


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