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Anthony B in Los Angeles (2013)

Anthony B in Los Angeles (2013)

Anthony B in Los Angeles (2013)

By on - Photos by Jan Salzman - Comment

Anthony B played at Dub Club on January 2nd.


It was a very cool California night as the crowd entered the Dub Club in Echo Park. Many of us in the L.A. reggae community were still mourning the passing of a great local reggae photographer, Bob Salzman, my former husband. M.C. Junor Francis paid tribute to Bob before introducing Anthony B. The Dub Club was Bob’s hang out and we were all looking forward to the uplifting that Anthony B would provide during his performance.

Two singers in Anthony’s posse performed as opening acts. One was Anthony’s backing singer, the other was King Banton. They did a few songs then it was time for the master himself to take the stage.

Anthony started by singing Stepping Razor from offstage. The song was made famous by the late Peter Tosh and Joe Higgs. I was able to garner a setlist at the end of the night and Anthony did a total of twenty-eight songs. The crowd definitely got their money’s worth!

Anthony B - Los Angeles

Anthony’s performance is always magnificent! He is a power house of energy as he danced and jumped with athletic agility. It amazed me how he is able to do his powerful vocals as he is so active onstage! We haven’t seen him in Cali since about this time last year so the massive was eager for his performance. His conscious lyrics are always inspiring. He performed many of his big hits including, “Raid the Barn”, “God Above Everything”, “My Yes and My No” just to name a few. He didn’t perform "Fire Pon Rome", which was missed… but there were so many other great songs that still his fans were exhilarated.

I greeted Anthony before the show so I didn’t have to deal with the crush of fans looking to meet him after the show. Anthony gave me a big hug and cheek kiss in gratitude for the photos that I brought him. He commented to his bredren that I’ve watched him grow! He also complimented my work and livication to reggae music.

As I walked through the Dub Club that evening I thought I saw Bob Salzman dancing and smiling in a dark corner of the club. He will be there in spirit I’m sure at every performance.

Anthony was just fabulous and his music lifted my heavy heart to a spiritual level and I thanked Jah for this wonderful opportunity.


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