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Interview: G Mac

Interview: G Mac

Interview: G Mac

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"The lyrics of my songs come from lifestyle of people in and around the world"


G Mac from Sizzla's Judgement Yard is in promotional tour in Europe. From France to Germany and Italy he's spreading his Jamaican flow on dancehall and reggae beats. When we learned that he will be the host of Blues Party sound's radio show "Reggae Juice" it was the occasion for United Reggae to ask him a few questions...

G Mac

Can you present yourself?

Well G Mac is a reggae and dancehall artist who is expressing himself through the power of reggae music. The lyrics of my songs come from lifestyle of people in and around the world, their joy, their pain and also my own personal believe. So I am like a voice for the people who don't have the media to express themselves. On the dancehall side my lyrics come from the riddim and also by going to party and seeing how fans react when they hear they favorite songs. I also express both how females dance and party and also reality of life. It depends on the riddim. I am from Kingston, Jamaica and I am a member of the Judgement Yard family that was formed by legend Sizzla Kalonji.

What about your European tour?

My Europe tour is very good so far. There is a crazy reaction from fans all over Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Holland and other promoters are interested in booking me for shows. But the time is short and now I have to go back to Jamaica soon, because I have a lot of work to focus on to release. I have been on tour from December 19 until now in February but it was a well put together tour by my manager Chris Rock.

Can you talk about your collaborations (with Sizzla, Ken Boothe…)?

My collaboration with Sizzla and Ken Boothe was a great experience. It reaches out to fans faster than gave me more fan base. It also shows my versatility as Ken Boothe is seen as the legend of rock steady and Sizzla is the legend of reggae with some classical albums that will be always be played worldwide. So now these exposure has given me a big step in the business and crazy recognition worldwide. So now will be my time to put out some serious music to my fans and show the world my growth as a reggae and dancehall artist who will be a strong name to headline any shows soon.

What about your next projects?

My upcoming project is another collaboration with Sizzla called the Holding Firm Remix. This is one of Sizzla biggest hit songs and we remixed it and will shoot a music video for it. So we the Judgement Yard family along with OD Records and my label Royalty Records will be releasing this video at the end of February. I also have a few singles both reggae and dancehall tracks to be released and my mixtape will be out soon. I am also working on my first album now and I have a EP that will be out for this summer, produced by Fire Clath Production. I also have a new video for my single I Could Never that will be out at the end of March. It is directed and shoot by Izaboo sound and Scaro from France. Blessed love and respect.

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