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Rototom Sunsplash 2013 - Day 4

Rototom Sunsplash 2013 - Day 4

Rototom Sunsplash 2013 - Day 4

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Turning point for Rototom Sunsplash 2013: as expected the number of visitors increased day by day. Although the weather was still darkly fickle, people kept heading to Benicassim's beaches all day long to tan and relax in the water before the great night.


The music night on the Main Stage got started with one of the best Spanish reggae and dancehall artist Fyahbwoy, back on Rototom's stage after two years. His debut was as excellent as his new sparkling and dynamic show, where he proposed a couple of songs from previous albums like “Ni Chance, Ni Try” and “Innadiflames”, and also from his last project “Extremely Flammable” enriched by eminent collaborations. Fans sang and danced all his popular success, the concert was amazing and audience fully satisfied.

It was ten at night when The Iberica All Stars, collective came up on the stage, the group is a mixture of brand new and well known artists linked all together for Reggae music. Black Gandhi, Roberto Sanchez and Hermano L were just few of the names who brought an excellent voice's style's and rhythm's combination to the show. After they producted two albums (the last one is “Into Light”), their project is constantly evolving with new artists' launch. It's going to be a success.

ROTOTOM 2013 - Mr VegasAround 23:30 it is Mr Vegas' turn, it is the turn of pure fun and wild dance on the rhythm of his worldwide famous tunes. His dynamic personality was able to entertain the crowd from the start until the end with songs like I’m Blessed, Heads High, Pull Up or Long Time, all the women got literally crazy, with their sexy dance motion on Bruk it Down, making all men in the area heartbeating. People showed smiley faces and raised their hands to the sky on the hit Sweet Jamaica that is the song whichby he celebrated the 50 years of Jamaican independence, with the fortunate double album with the same name. A breathless time during while everyone is highly satisfied.

Once the dancing time was done, the show switched on reflection and on the deep meaning of reggae music with the Groundation from California, who performed the most intense and memorable live concert. Reggae and jazz were blended together to almost hypnotize Rototom people, like in a religious function, especially in their magic and mystic moments of improvisation, when they showed their perfect technical knowledge. Listen to their newest and oldest hits under the starry night it was a privileged experience, people was captured by the songs from their 2012's album and their "One more Day", "Babylon rule Dem", "Freedom taking Over" and "Chant".

At the end of the last concert on the Main Stage, Rototom people was ready to reach the other different zones ready for more music. Every single person was aware to being part of something really special, something to be always remembered in the coming future.


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