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Rototom Sunsplash 2013 - Day 7

Rototom Sunsplash 2013 - Day 7

Rototom Sunsplash 2013 - Day 7

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Rototom Sunsplash day 7 with Horace Andy, Nneka, Leroy Sibbles and John Holt.

stageFinal weekend started in Benicassim, Rototom Sunsplash 2013 got to his countdown. Then, the spectators must wait another year to see the Festival again. This huge public performance grew up year by year, and the concerts got each time better and improved. Even if the show was turning to the end, there were still many artists waiting to perform, before the curtain would go down and say goodbye until 2014’s edition. Talking about quality, each night was a success but the best was surely this one that just ended.

Horace Andy was opening the concerts, he was replacing Anthony B, since he deleted his European tour dates. His splendid voice enchanted the audience, his more than 40 years’ career attached importance to this historical character of Jamaican music, that has been able to go through different changes, adapting himself at the best way in each different situation. You are my Angel, Skylarking, Problems, were performed with the sweet voice that people is in love with. It was long time ago when he began with the Studio One, his body got older but his soul stayed the same: he was powerful as always on the stage and the feeling with the audience was that deep to deserve a huge round of applause.

Horace Andy

Right after Mr. Andy’s performance it was Nneka’s turn, a young female singer from Nigeria. Her songs are not typically reggae, but her soul, warm and intense music are the perfect base for her lyrics which talk about African reality and its problems. Deep spirituality during Africans, Come with Me, Soul is heavy and Shining Stars, people started to be that involved to get to the floor in strict contemplation. It was an excellent performance for this singer that will stays in memories for long time.

It was midnight when another big icon of history of Jamaican music jumped on the stage, Leroy Sibbles unforgettable star from 60’s Rocksteady scene with the Heptones. He stepped out on Party Time notes, one of his most famous song and wellknown riddim. He continued with many songs from his huge music background such as Fight to the Top and Ting a Ling. Wearing a big white smile and a white nice suite he also played the guitar with the historical We The People Band and the famous bass player Lloyd Parks, that also performed some songs before Leroy Sibbles. He continued with other songs like Blood in the Streets and Eyes like Fire. Rototom crowd was already aware to have seen something unique and special even if the concert was not over yet.

John Holt

As a perfect conclusion for this night… John Holt in person. A Jamaican legend for the first time at Rototom Sunsplash, during his incredible live show he presented some of his first success from his old albums with The Paragons from the 60’s. He continued his career as solo artist for decades editing great albums and hits. Songs like Ali Baba, Reggae from the Ghetto and Stick by Me definitely gave a prove of his talent, it was a pleasure to look at him singing and dancing on the rhythm of his songs. It was a fortune to listen to his two most famous songs; On the Beach and Police in Helicopter, they worth the price of the whole night, it’s an hard to explain feeling for those which not love and follow this kind of music, and for those that were not there.

Night arrived in Benicassim and last day Festival sunset was almost there but everyone’s face was happy and satisfied, everyone’s heart was delighted after they spent such a great quality time. It is thanks to the artists that performed on that stage tonight ,thanks to those legendary icons born in the island of Reggae that Rototom got started. Everyone is a little bit richer tonight, if not in their pocket of course in their soul…


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