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Bunny Wailer in Parabiago and Rome

Bunny Wailer in Parabiago and Rome

Bunny Wailer in Parabiago and Rome

By on - Photos by Mauro Sindici - Comment

Two magic nights with the legend Bunny Wailer.

There are those who listen to reggae and follow it, like many of us. There are those who play reggae, for hobby or for passion, many with excellent results, many with disappointing results. And then there are those who made history in reggae, Bunny Wailer is one of them. Coming back to Italy for two concerts after an absence for a few years, he gave a couple of an unforgettable nights for the real lovers of reggae music. The reggae sound he started to play with his friends when he was young like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, in the streets of Trenchtown. A great show experience even as for the music and spiritual contents. His entire discography-albums talks about his deep Rastafari faith, he embraced this religion when he was a young man with totally love and devotion.

bunny wailer

During his concerts his fully faith comes in a very strong perception, when he took the floor to talk to the audience, his voice gets warm and safe, words came out directly from his heart to his mouth and fans remain in devoted admiration for a true living legend like him. If we have had the music of the Wailers, of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, virtues for these goes also to Mr. Neville O'Riley Livingston, who understood very soon the talent of these two young boys.

bunny wailerThe first of the two single dates in Italy took place near Milan, in Parabiago, at Rugby Sound Festival event, a big and beautiful festivity perfectly organized, full of concerts and activities either for adults and children, full of stands, restaurants and different music areas. He took the stage with his Solomonic Orchestra, a band of excellent musicians, he gave a two-hour concert with real magic moments and involvement, as when he performed No Woman No Cry, creeps on the skin. A real emotion to hear from his lips Legalize It, Rastaman or Blackheart Man.

The next day he took the stage in Rome at Eutropia –L’altra Città Festival event, another great excellent initiative in the ex-area of the slaughterhouse of Rome, great artists in the programmed calendar, meetings, cinema and ethnic restaurants throughout the summer. Even Roman’s audience were impressed and enchanted by the energy and spirituality of Mr. Wailer, with his dark glasses, his white suit with Rasta symbols, and his long dreads rolled on the head. Joy and happiness while performing songs like Cool Runnings, Armageddon Rock and Don Dada. During the concerts, with his warm voice said that he felt so much energy and spirituality, sure that Bob Marley had been there with us, and we are sure too..


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