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Interview: Queen Omega (2014)

Interview: Queen Omega (2014)

Interview: Queen Omega (2014)

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"Respecting yourself is number one, especially as a woman"


United Reggae had the pleasure to meet again Queen Omega, while she was travelling around Europe with Etana and Mo'Kalamity. She is giving us insights about her current and future projects, and she is also sharing with us very personal opinion about several topics on a woman perspective.

Queen Omega

You are currently performing for the Queen of Reggae Tour, a 100% feminine tour. Can you tell us more about this project?

I was in Europe about 2 months ago, just passing through trying to create a buzz. I had a couple of shows. Just before we left to go back to Trinidad, I got a call of somebody interested about doing an all woman tour. I was like "Yeah yeah, I really wanna do this!". Then, I found out that it was Etana and Mo'Kalamity. I did a couple of shows with both, so I was quite excited to do the tour. Mediacom and the crew put everything together with the blessing of Jah of course, to make this possible... and here I am!

Right now, we are in the middle of the tour. We have six more shows around France, finishing in Paris at the New Morning. So far, it has been a great experience travelling with these ladies. You know Etana, she sings on her own, she does her ting. And you know me, Queen Omega blazing fire as usual!

We got some good response from Amsterdam and Switzerland. The vibes was nice. I did not perform in Germany but people was like "Queen Omega, we want to see you there".

Did you planned to sing all together the three of you?

We never plan you know, but Jah overhead is work... Anything that I desire, it is come to pass. So if I meditate hard, it might come to pass. But if this is something people want to see: the 3 of us on stage, hopefully at the last show when the tour will reach the climax, the women would be warm enough... That would be nice yeah!

What about the Reggae music industry, how hard is it as a woman?

It is a balance : It was tough, and at times it was easy. It was easy for me to make my mark because I'm a strong woman and I stand firm. So it was easy for me to cut a way with the men. They respected me, they really hailed me as Queen and give me respect.

The hard part was being a mother, leaving my family behind...But I love it and I feel like I'm fulfiling my purpose. When Jah looks down, he smiles at me because this voice was giving to me by Jah. I'm singing music that can uplift the people, that can make the people look at themselves to become a better people, so that they become a better nation. So, I feel good right now in my career and my point of life because I have 3 children, I'm a mom, balanced in my career, I'm on tour. So, I give thanks for life!

Being a mother has a big influence on your music?

Yes, it helps a lot. Like the song "Tribute to mothers". Being a mom helped me to even open up more. I'm already an open person, I'm very optimistic, I love greeting and meeting people. Now that I have my 3 children, I am more warm, more open because I have the mother instinct in me. And it helps with my music. They even help me because when I am writing, they come and listen: "Mummy we want to hear the riddim". They sing with me, they dance, so of course it's fun and really nice being a career mom. I can tell you I really like it.

It must be a big sacrifice when you are on tour?

I skyped my baby 2 days ago and he was screaming over and over!! He was so excited but he couldn't touch me. So it was very frustrating for him, but he was like "Wow my mom is there, but she's still not there". As they grow older, they understand. My biggest son is 6, and he understands what I do. When I'm ready to leave, he's sad. But I tell him that's what I need to do to give you all the things you have and like. "How do you think you got your DS from?" And he's like "All right then how long you're gonna stay?". I will tell him so that he can prepare himself for the trip.

Queen Omega

You are coming from Trinidad. It's a rough country, for women especially, because their conditions can be very hard: some got battered, sexually abused, harassed... What message do you want to pass on to women from Trinidad, Caribbeans, all over the world?

What I wanna say to women: I respect myself highly. Respecting yourself is number one, especially as a woman. Once you respect yourself then you carry yourself in a manner that will force people to respect you. They will naturally respect you because you carry respect. Loving yourself is important too: Know that you are beautiful, that you are a Queen inspite of your conditions... and always pray. Because a praying mother and a praying woman saves the nation. So I encourage all women to acknowledge the goddess and god within you. Pray because prayers change things and can moves mountains. We, as a woman, hold the cradle in our womb. So it's very important to be closed to the Most High.

As a rasta woman, do you feel equal to men?

Of course I feel equal! In Rastafarism, there are certain doctrines which are extreme. That is why, I, Queen Omega, come and rise up in this generation to let them know. To all my rasta brothers who will read this: We are equal because if we were not equal, Jah would have never make Eve from the beginning in Genesis. When we read that story, everybody know that Adam was a lonely man. Jah in is goodness decided: This man needs a companion and here comes Eve out of man! He took a rib and he made woman. So, that shows you Jah used us as a significant to show us that we are equal: We are One! If men can respect women, things would be better... My husband, my King is a rastaman. He understands that "I have a powerful woman as my wife. Sometimes it's not bad that she takes the lead". Man is the head, but woman has so much intuition. We are really in control you know. Man we put you on top because you are on top, you are our Kings. But we are in control: we run the house, groceries, family. We do everything: we take care of you guys and of the children. Once men know that, the equality is there.

Going back to music, your next project is an album?

Yes! Finally, after long time! My album is going to be released early spring 2015 on French label High Fly. We gonna release some tracks just after summer. Just be ready and listen!It's an experience because I've been recording the album while I was pregnant. A lot of vibes is in this album: mother vibes, happy vibes and soulful vibes! This is gonna be a big album for me. And I'm really looking forward to be on the road touring this album.


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